The Chechen trace» in the case of Hlebnikov’s murder

The difficult situation with the murder of the journalist Paul Hlebnikov, at last, has got clear and simple outlines. According to the version of the Russian Office of the Public Prosecutor, a Chechen, Hoj-Ahmed Nuhaev, having taken offence on Hlebnikov for his book, employed two Chechens to kill him.

The information, which preceded the disclosing of this well-known crime and suddenly disappeared from the “resume” to the information of the Office of the Public Prosecutor for mass-media, is interesting.

In the beginning there was the corpse of Hlebnikov, killed in a street of Moscow . The “Chechen” version was the most attractive for the Russian party, as it at once solved several problems.

Disclosure of this crime, accusing Chechens of the murder of the American citizen in Moscow , is one more coin in Putin’s coin box, trying to inspire the world that he struggles against international terrorism in the Chechen Republic .

The first information on the suspected Chechens appeared from an unexpected side. A businessman, a native of Dagestan , Ahmed-Pasha Aliev, whom two Chechens kept in a Moscow apartment, was taken hostages in Moscow .

A group of militiamen, who released Aliev, detained also two Chechens and, in the same place of the apartment, where the hostage was closed, they found out the pistol, from which Hlebnikov had bee killed. The official version is such.

The employees of the Russian special services, old business friends of the Dagestanian, who initially detained and only later, after tortures and requirements of money, transferred Aliev to the Chechens, disappeared from this version. These are Captain Roman Slivkin from the department of struggle against gangsterism, Oleg Sachkov and Dmitry Frolov from the department of the military counterespionage. But former hostage Aliev appealed to the Public Prosecutor Ustinov with the information that he had been kidnapped by employees of the FSB.

Here the situation becomes the same, as with comrade Rabinovich in a bath, to whom they advised either to remove a cross on his neck or to put on pants. It turns out, that both Chechens, arrested for Aliev’s abduction, cooperated with employees of the FSB.

However they are accused of murder of Hlebnikov as executors of the order of Nuhaev, according to the Russian version – a well-known international terrorist. Whether the Chechens worked for the FSB and Nuhaev simultaneously, or Nuhaev worked for the FSB, or the FSB work for Nuhaev?

According to the descriptions the two Chechens, to whom the FSB employees charged the hostage for the further processing, look on the one hand as real professionals, and one the other hand as numskulls. Professional spies charge them a responsible joint business. According to Aliev’s descriptions, one of the Chechens had four mobile phones, by which he was constantly speaking. And suddenly, such a not moderately cautious pro, keeps the pistol, from which he had killed Paul Hlebnikov, according to the order of not some friends from the FSB, but most Hoj-Ahmed Nuhaev, in his apartment.

The puzzle is explained in the “Time of News” (N°178, the 30 th of September, 2004) in Alexander Shvarev’s material “Whose pistol”, where it is informed:

“The visit of detectives to the apartment of Sagaev was obviously not casual. According to our data, during the operation they were accompanied by representatives of the State Office of the Public Prosecutor engaged in the investigation of the murder of Hlebnikov”.

If this information is truthful, one must remove his hat before the professional flair of the representatives of the State Office of the Public Prosecutor. Can you imagine, some Dagestanian called the militia, said, that he was kept a hostage, the militia, as usually, immediately ran there to rescue him together with… representatives of the State Office of the Public Prosecutor engaged in the murder of Hlebnikov.

Then it is like in a fairy tale: the hostage is released, in the apartment a pistol is found and even before carrying out of the official examination it is informed, that Hlebnikov was killed from this pistol.

There is no doubt, that the Chechens were substituted. However, the Chechens, having a criminal business together with the FSB, cannot cause any sympathy: they have found what they searched. If they participated in abduction of a person together with the FSB, the same following the orders of the FSB they could have participated in murder of Paul Hlebnikov.

It is not so important, who whom will write off in the game of the Russian special services. The only riddle is how Hoj-Ahmed Nuhaev can be involved in this case. But the Office of the Public Prosecutor has not coped with this problem and has given out the conclusion: as it turns out, the matter was in the book, which Nuhaev did not like, and he involved the Chechens connected with the FSB for the murder of Hlebnikov (?!)

This version has only one lack: everyone, except for the workers of the State Office of the Public Prosecutor of Russia, should be idiots to believe it.

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