The Review of the 302nd Week of the War

(The 18 th – 24th of June, 24th, 2005 )

Last week the fighters of the Chechen Military Forces made the fighting and diversion operations in the territory of the country suddenly active. Especially intensively fights and blowing ups of the invaders and their henchmen took place in the capital of the ChRI, the city-hero Djohar, which was mentioned more than 40 times in the war communiques. Also practically all regions of the ChRI were mentioned in the war communiques, including also the “rear” Priterechnye region: the Shelkovskiy region was mentioned 4 times and Naurskiy and Nadterechnyy – three times each. Among the Central and Southern regions of the country last week especially frequent news about fights and diversions of mojaheds came from the Vedeno (9 times), the Nozhai-Yurt (6 times), the Shali and the Urus-Martan (5 times each) regions. Also Ingushetia (4 times) and Dagestan (2 times) were mentioned in the war communique, where Caucasian mojaheds continued to liquidate invaders and their local spongers.

Totally, according to the generalized data collected by us from the Chechen, Russian and western mass-media, for the last week the opponent lost 132 killed and not less than 155 wounded gangsters. The following techniques of the Puitn’s gangs was completely or partially destroyed: 2 units of armored techniques, 16 trucks (including 4 armored ones) and 7 cars (including 2 armored “UAZ”s).

The feat of an anonymous mojahed from the group of Isa Muskiev is worthy of a special mention among fighting actions of the Chechen fighters. On the 23rd of June he blew himself up at the occupational commandant’s office in Argun in order not to be arrested, thus having gravely wounded 4 armed national-traitors. Last week Chechens also carried out an impudent diversive operation in the capital of the country, in the locations of the so-called “state institutions”, where traitors and invaders gather together. So, on the 20th of June, in the morning mojaheds shot not less than 10 grenade shells at the territory of the occupational military commandant’s office and at the building of the so-called “Ministry of Justice”, which was burnt down. Invaders and their toadies, as usually, informed nothing on losses among the chastisers.

Last week, on the 20th of June, the Chechen mass-media received the video application of the leader of the ChRI A-H Sadulaev to the Chechen people, in which the President made an essentially important statement. He said:

“Those, who have made numerous evil deeds on our land and on the land of Moslems of the Caucasus , should incur severe punishment. Neither kafirs, nor munafiks should avoid the punishment. For many years Chechens offered peace to the enemy and calmed down, when the enemy left our land. It was a mistake. We have no right for this mistake any more. The punishment should follow the banishment of the enemy. The committed crimes must not be left without consequences and we shall not leave them like this any more…”

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