EC chairman announces readiness to support future cabinet

TEHRAN – Expediency Council (EC) Chairman Ak-bar Hashemi Rafsanjani here Tuesday said that his re¬marks do not aim to restore his personal rights but are meant to effect reform. He underlined that he will take any necessary measure to support the future government.
Speaking at a gathering of the electoral observers, he added that after the voting process of the 9th presidential election was completed, he refrained from filing an official complaint in order to avoid any problem IRNA reported.
According to a report released by EC Public Re¬lations Department, he noted that since the formation of the Islamic system his efforts have been in line with solving the problems facing peo¬ple and the Islamic Revolution.
“However, I don’t intend to overlook what took place during the recent election. I will rather follow up the matter to pave the way for holding future elections properly and in accordance with religious and political principles.
“Given the decisive status of Islam , freedom, democracy and republicanism in our ruling system, they should be protected vigilantly, ” he added.
At the beginning of the session , a few cases of voterigging were pointed out in details by a few observers of the 9th presidential election.
Stressing that all the filed lawsuits are based on documented evidences which have been submitted to the officials in charge, the observers hoped that the outcome of the ongoing investigation will be declared for the public attention.

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