Battles continue in Vedeno District

Spokesman of the Chechen command reported that in past few days clashes have been taking place in Vedeno District of CRI.

So, on 14 August, in two kilometers from Dishni-Vedeno district the sabotage group of Mujahideen has undermined an armored troop-carrier of invaders, having killed three invaders. A few explosions and attacks have been carried out between villages Eshelhatoy and Vedeno. On August 15 the Chechen fighters attacked a military convoy of aggressors, having destroyed one cargo vehicle and five invaders. At least 12 aggressors have been wounded.
Early in the morning on August 16 the mobile group of Mujahideen has entered into fight with invaders. During fierce firefight four invaders were eliminated. Two Mujahideen incurred light wounds. In the same day two blasts of enemy’s military hardware have been carried out as a result of which five invaders were killed.

Within day on August 16, at night and since morning on August 17, in the wood zone between Vedeno and Eshelhatoy were under constant artillery bombing and helicopter attacks. The Chechen sources report that as a result of these bombardments of losses Mujahideen did not incur any losses. Mobile units of Chechen fighters still maneuver in district of villages Vedeno, Eshelhatoy, Elistanji, Shamil-Hutor, and some other settlements, periodically striking blows on invaders and traitors.

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