Special operations of Mujahideen in Dishni-Vedeno and Roshni-Chu

According to spokesman of Military Council of State Defense Council Majlis al-Shura of CRI on night from 10 to 11 August the mobile squad of Mujahideen entered into village Dishni-Vedeno to carry out a special operation against traitors. As a result of which two houses of traitors, who are the active employees of FSB were burned down and also five snitches were eliminated, including two women, who were secret agents of FSB. The destroyed houses used by invaders for the operative purposes and also as storage of a plenty of drugs that were being spread among the local youth.

Having accomplished the task Mujahideen left the village without incurred any losses. After the Mujahideen left, Russian invaders bombarded the village with heavy mortars. As a result of bombardment 10 houses were destroyed and 4 local residents were killed. Later in one of the killed peasants has been presented by invaders and traitors as a Mujahid killed in action.

On night from 13 to 14 August, a group of Mujahideen, 30 strong fighters has entered into village Roshni-Chu to carry out a special operation against local collaborators. During operation the house of the leader of local traitors, the so-called “head of administration” has been burnt. The traitors himself with sons has disappeared. On unconfirmed data he spent the night in the next house.

During the carrying-out of operation Mujahideen got info that a group of Russian invaders coming to village. Chechen fighters have organized ambush as a result of which five invaders were killed and at least 15 invaders were wounded. One Mujahid became Shaheed in action. Mujahideen left the village at dawn.

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