KAZAKHSTAN : Kazakh opposition suspects arson attack on office


A fire broke out in a room of presidential candidate and leader of the bloc For Fair Kazakhstan Zharmakhan Tuyakbai’s Kustanai regional campaign headquarters, the Kazakh opposition said.

“The fire broke out on the second floor early on Sunday morning and was quickly extinguished,” press secretary of the Kustanai regional police chief Yelena Kasharina told Interfax on Monday.

She said experts are studying the possible cause of the fire. They have found out that the fire started from a table holding a computer and fax machine, she said.

The bloc thinks that the fire may have been arson.

“Facts confirm premeditated arson in the regional campaign headquarters of presidential candidate Tuyakbai. However, investigators and firemen
obviously preferred concluding that the fire was sparked by electric equipment,” a Monday press release by the bloc says.

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