Invaders brutally torture civilians of Nalchik

After Thursday’s attack by Mujahideen on police and security facilities in city of Nalchik, Russian invaders who have rushed into it began rage in there. They rounded up more than three dozen people – most of them Muslim men, who were proclaimed as “arrested militants”.

Zarema Valgasova, for example, told AP journalist Mike Eckel in Nalchik that when she last saw her son, he was semiconscious and bleeding profusely from a badly broken arm with cigarette burns on his body – the result, she says, of police torture after his arrest. Valgasova said her 26-year-old son, Daniil Khamukov, is a family man with two young children – and an observant Muslim.

On Thursday morning, he set off for his job as a window dresser. By 11 a.m., his battered body was in the courtyard outside his home, bleeding from a compound arm fracture, Valgasova said. He lay there for seven hours, she said. Paramedics refused to help. Invaders and munafiqs told us: ‘They say he’s one of the fighters. Let him die,'” she said.

About 6 p.m., the stooges of Russian invaders, the beast in human shape, the so-called “police” came and collected Khamukov and took him to a local precinct house. Valgasova said she did not know anything more about his fate.

Dolgova, the lawyer, said that munafiqs arrested Khamukov simply because he is an observant Muslim who does not practice his belief through official channels of local stooges.

Rights lawyers say the campaign has caught up innocent, peaceful young Muslims, alienating and offending them as they rediscover their religious heritage.

If police continue their crackdown on Kabardino-Balkariya Muslims, it could lead to renewed raid of Mujahideen on physical elimination of local munafiqs and invaders, said Larisa Dolgova, a lawyer who represents Muslims in their complaints about harassment and torture, AP agency reports from Nalchik.

How the ‘militants’ are written down as killed in Nalchik

One of the inhabitants of Nalchik has sent a letter to Kavkaz Center, by telling about how Russian invaders and local puppets write down civilians as killed “militants”. Kavkaz Center quotes this brief letter.

“I wish to tell about a concrete example. When a shooting began in Nalchik, the father of two children has gone behind them. One was at the school, the second in kindergarten.He brought one to home and went behind the second to a kindergarten, but when approached kindergarten he were killed before his child’s eyes by members of police.

FSB scumbags have thrust to his belt a pistol, in inserted a grenade in his hand, and put machine-gun beside. No comments.

Mockery above a body of innocently killed person has been photographed and shown to all his relatives as the proof that he was accomplice of Mujahideen. Incaders do not give body for burial. The name of killed person is Vadim Zhekamuhov, lived in settlement Kenje, on Ahmetov’s street.”

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