Lebanese Senior Officials Warn against Mehlis Report

Beirut, Oct.24 (SANA)-

Former Lebanese Prime Minister Saleem al-Hoss has warned against allowing any foreign party to exploit the report of the international investigation committee concerning the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik al-Hariri to torpedo foundation of relations with Syria.

Hoss said Sunday that consolidating relations with Syria is a strategic demand and has to be among the priorities of the coming phase and to be based on the national interests.

Hoss called for resuming the investigation to bring real culprits to justice.

For his part, Lebanese Member of Parliament Qassem Hashem warned against the foreign parties’ utilization of the report for the implementation of foreign policies that serve the Israeli interests.

Meanwhile, Member of Lebanese al-Wafaa Bloc for Resistance Hasan Huballah has stressed that the decision of the foreign interference in Lebanon’s affairs aims at finding a gap in Lebanon’s internal affairs and undermining its national unity.

In a statement to reporters yesterday, Huballah called for gathering around Lebanese resistance and national unity in facing any attempt that targets the national resistance.

Lebanese Minister of Labour Trad Hamad strongly criticized the international community which insists on the implementation of certain resolutions and ignores that connected with Israel.

Hamad called for supporting the Palestinian people in facing the Israeli occupation.

H.Zein/ Ghossoun

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