Statement by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic

Oct 29,2005
In the Name of God, the Almighty

Statement by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran. The statement issued by the President of the UN Security Council on the International Day of Qods upon the proposal of the Zionist regime was aimed to cover up the crimes committed by this regime and distort the realities of such crimes and is, thus, unacceptable to us.
The position of the Islamic Republic of Iran on the situation in Palestine has been clearly stated before the Sixtieth Session of the UN General Assembly by H.E. Dr Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, President of the Islamic Republic of Iran as follows: ‘ In Palestine, a durable peace will be possible through justice, an end to discrimination and the occupation of Palestinian land, the return of all Palestinian refugees, and the establishment of a democratic Palestinian state with Al-Quds Al-Sharif as its capital. The Islamic Republic of Iran is committed to its obligations under the United Nations Charter and has never used or threatened to use force against any other State.
Regrettably, the Security Council has a bleak record in responding to aggression and the use of force against Iran by Saddam Hussain as well as repeated threats by Israel and some permanent members of the Security Council to use force against Iran.
This has resulted in some permanent members publicly retaining the unlawful ‘option’ of the threat or use of force as an instrument of their foreign policy. Following the US attacks against Iraq, major newspapers in the world quoted some sources in the Zionist regime as speaking of the possibility of Israeli attacks against Iran’s nuclear facilities, which was not denied by the Zionist regime. These reports have constantly intensified the atmosphere of threats and the possibility of military attacks against the Islamic Republic of Iran. What follows are examples of such reports:

1. On 20.02.2004
Radio of Zionist Regime announced that the entire Iranian territory lies within rangeof Israeli F16 fighters.

2. On 24.11.2003
Scotland on Sunday Newspaper wrote that Israeli officials led by the Israeli Minister of defense have informed the United States that they were ready to launch military attacks against Iran similar to those launched against Iraqi nuclear facilities in 1981.

3.On 11.10.2003
German SPIEGEL Magazine published a report on the readiness of the air force the Zionist regime to attack the Islamic Republic of Iran and added that the Israeli air force, at the order of Ariel Sharon, has completed its plans for target oriented attacks against lran’ s facilities.

4.On 17.08.2003
Washington Post Newspaper in a report on Sharon’s visit to the United States wrote that the Israeli Prime Minister has called for attacks by the United States against the power plant in Bush ehr.

5. On 08.10.2005
the New York Sun Newspaper described the Israeli Prime Minister’s threats against Iran as the hottest news.

6. On24.10.2005
Los Angeles Timesreferring to the possibility of the U.S
attack against Islamic Republic of Iran wrote that Sharon and his chief aides had repeatedly threatened in the past several months with vague but precise words that they would use force against Iran.

7. On 13.04.2005
Austrian Die Presse Newspaper reported that Israel had informed the United States that it was going to use military means to stop Iran’s nuclear programs.

8. On 14.08.2005
Saudi Arabian Al-Vatan Newspaper wrote that some Israeli air force units were ready to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities.

9. On 24.09.2005
Turkish Milliyat Newspaper reported that an Israeli parliamentary delegation which was visiting the United States asked for military attacks against Iran. A member of the delegation named Arialdad in an interview with Washington Times Stated that use of force was the only way to stop Iran’s nuclear programs.

Al-Jazire TV Network reported that the commander of the Zionist regime’s air force, Eliezer Shakedi, encouraged Ariel Sharon to put the Israeli armed forces in a state of alert for attacks against Iran.

11.On 24.11.2003
Israeli News paper Haretz wrote that Israeli Minister of defense, Shaul Mofaz, laimed: Israel will bomb Iran, if necessary.He further stated that after Iraq and Afghanistan, the United States has two other important missions which are Iran and Syria.

Reuters reported that Daniel Ayalon Israeli ambassador to Washington called for a change of regimes in Iran and Syria.

13. IRNA reported on 31.01.2005
that former U.S.Vice-President Dick Cheney in a telephone conversation, on the possibility of military attacks by the Zionist regime against Iran, stated: “One of the existing concerns is that Israel may do that without being asked. The foregoing reflects only party of the open threats posed by the Zionist regime and some members of the UN.Security Council to the Islamic Republic of Iran and some Muslim states in the region in recent years.Now, the UN Security Council should respond to this important question of the Iranian nation and the entire international community how many times, if any, it has met to consider such open threats against the UN Slfi ember states or condemned them in its formal statements. If for any reason the Security Council of the UN is not able to restore the alienable rights of the oppressed Palestinians to them, it must at least condemn the continuous crimes committed against the Palestinians which in the recent days came in form of bombing Palestinian houses and territories as well as massacre and murder of Palestinian men, women and children by the clear order of leaders of this horrible regime.

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