APC of invaders destroyed in Chechnya

An armored troop-carrier on which OMON kafirs from Rostov province were sitting was blown up on a radio-controlled mine in the vicinity of the village of Assinovskaya of the Sunzha district of Chechnya, according to occupational sources. As a result of explosion two kafirs were eliminated and five others were wounded.

11 kafirs and munafiqs killed, wounded in Chechnya

According to France-Press source inside the pro-Moscow puppet administration over the 24-hour period of last Thursday to Friday reported that two Russian kafir “soldiers” were eliminated and eight other kafirs were wounded during 16 attacks of Mujahideen on positions of Russian invaders.

As a result of an attack of Mujahideen on the “police” car in capital Jokhar one local munafiqs, the so-called “policeman” was eliminated, Iranian radio reported.

Combat take place in Nalchik

One Mujahid dead in Nalchik as a result of combat, which was continued more than 3 hours, the occupational sources report. Russian troops surrounded the house with one Mujahid and offered him to surrender. As a response Mujahid opened fire. As a result of the fierce firefight Mujahid became Shaheed (insha Allah). Occupational sources reported that one more local resident was detained.

As it was reported earlier referring to occupational sources, a combat occurred between Mujahideen and munafiqs in Shali district of Chechnya in the settlement Avtury. According to РС, as a result of fight one munafiq was killed and two others were wounded. Munafiqs, as usual, have hidden this information and have declared about the killing of one Mujahid.

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