President releases statement on defense of Iran’s nuclear rights

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad here Sunday in a tatement addressing the dignified and courageous nation of Iran referred to some points about the government’s firm determination to defend the inalienable national rights to nuclear activity.

Meanwhile, the statement, a copy of which was received by IRNA, referred to the concurrence of the Ten-Day Dawn ceremonies and the mourning of Imam Hossein (AS) as a suitable opportunity to stress the close relation between the movement of the Iranian nation and the path of human perfection, the prophets movement, the nation’s exclusive features in the field of culture and civilization and its effort towards human perfection.

Addressing the nation, it said, “Today, you are the flag-bearer of peace and sustainable tranquility based on justice and
spirituality. You are a model for all the world freedom-seeking and justice-seeking nations.

“Your resistance, effort and assistance over the past 27 years has prepared all the grounds for a great leap and establishment of a developed, advanced, powerful and exemplary Islamic community and has opened the route of elevation and progress to all generations.” In his statement, the president said that the leaders of several world hegemonic powers who have bowed down to your glory and been disappointed at dealing blows on you attempt to disrupt the progress of the gifted and wise Iranian youth by propaganda, psychological warfare, hue and cry, causing panic and making use of some international bodies.

“They have announced that the Iranian nation does not even have the right to conduct research on peaceful nuclear energy. Their excuse for such an illegal move was said to be the possible deviation of Iran towards nuclear weapons.

“This is while despite extensive unprecedented inspection of the country’s nuclear installations and installation of numerous cameras, not even the slightest evidence proving such a claim has so far been found. Therefore, the following points should be noticed,” added Ahmadinejad.

“Peaceful nuclear technology is the best achievement of Iranian youth and scholars, which has not been availed neither by any individual nor by any country, so it cannot be denied.

“The extent of its application in industries, agriculture, medicine, environment and energy is such that access to high economic and social aims is impossible without it.

“If we let them deprive us of such a right, in a not-too-far future, we should regret and extend our hands towards the big powers for it. Then what will be our response to the courageous offsprings of the Iranian nation in future for any possible shortcoming? “Without paying attention to their own measures and that of their allies in development of nuclear weapons and power plants, some of which are even members of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Board of Governors without even joining the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) they intend to interrupt our completely transparent, legal and peaceful activities even research on it under various excuses, unfounded charges and using their influence in some international bodies.

“Iran’s government voluntarily suspended its nuclear programs for three years with the aim of confidence building. However, despite full cooperation, the claims of these countries kept increasing day by day instead of appreciating Iran’s proper move so that resumption of the measures suspended on a voluntary basis was considered as a great and unforgivable crime.

“Not only did they fail to take a positive step to call off the ban on the nation’s legal right, but also announced a new expectation every day. Now they will not be satisfied unless all our nuclear activities and any measure taking our nation one step forward are completely stopped.

“Iran’s government volunteered to implement the Additional Protocol merely for confidence building and even cooperated with the UN nuclear watchdog beyond the framework of the law to allow inspection of the country’s nuclear installations without the ratification of Majlis.

“This is while, no other IAEA member state has ever agreed with such inspection. Besides, to do away with any excuses, Iran even went so far as declaring its readiness for participation of other countries in the process of its nuclear fuel cycle. However, even this effective and unprecedented proposal did not stop the opposition of the said countries.

“The unlawful approach of these countries assuming themselves to represent all governments and nations proves that their opposition is based on their selfishness and monopolism.

“They keep on pointing to the UN Security Council, which is supposed to safeguard the world peace and security, as a threat for pressurizing the nations and thus question the reputation of the international institutions.

“They are aware that they are not able to take any remarkable and effective step against the interests of the Iranian nation and wish to make us withdraw under political pressure.

“As a servant of the nation, the government considers itself duty-bound to support the noble and courageous people and strongly defend their rights.”
The president ended his statement by calling on people to participate in the mourning ceremonies commemorating the martyrdom of Imam Hossein (AS).

“In particular on Bahman 22, (February 11), the anniversary of the victory of the 1979 Islamic Revolution, you should cry out for your nuclear right, which is not less important than that of
nationalization of oil, to let the world hear the request and determination of the Iranian nation.

“Meanwhile, the government will comply with its tasks to this end,” concluded the chief executive.

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