Leader Receives Thousands of Farmers from Across the Country

The Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran Ayatollah Sayyid Ali Khamenei received thousands of farmers from various cities and provinces across the country on Wednesday, January 4.

Speaking at the meeting, the Leader described farming and agriculture as an important occupation and a source of honor and dignity. He also expounded on the great significance of farming with respect to the people’s everyday lives and the country’s independence.

Ayatollah Khamenei felicitated the audience on the Week of Agricultural Jihad and described as unique the role played by farmers, including those cultivating farmland and others raising farm animals, in ensuring the people’s food security and their peace of mind as well as the country’s independence and honor.

He told the farmers that through their serious efforts and relying on their great commitment and dedication, the country can achieve self-sufficiency in the area of basic agricultural products and also turn into an exporter of these products.

The Leader of the Islamic Republic pointed out that the worth and merit that is associated with agriculture from the viewpoint of Islam stems from the importance of this sector in the life of mankind and the significance that is attached to the exploitation of divine treasures and blessings.

Addressing the laborious and hard-working farmers from across the country, Ayatollah Khamenei further stated, “Any one of you who is engaged in agricultural activities anywhere in this vast country is indeed strengthening one of the bases supporting the life of this nation and country. Thus, you should rightly recognize your own worth and merit and appreciate the great value of your important occupation.”

Further in his statements, the Leader referred to achieving self-sufficiency in wheat production as an outcome of the earnest efforts and endeavors of farmers and appropriate planning on the part of relevant government officials. He emphasized that such achievements would play a basic role in reducing the country’s dependence on covetous and cunning aliens.

“Our great country should also achieve self-sufficiency with regard to other basic agricultural products such as vegetable oil, rice, meat and dairy products, and it should try to become an exporter of these products. This important goal will be accomplished through efficiency and diligence of farmers and prudence of government officials,” the Leader told the audience.

Ayatollah Khamenei called on youngsters, especially those living in agricultural regions, to vigorously engage in agricultural activities. He stressed that agricultural activities, which are quite valuable and directly affect the people’s everyday lives, should not be overshadowed by material enticements and temporal attractions associated with certain other occupations.

“Therefore, after receiving the necessary training and learning modern techniques, join the honorable community of farmers and obtain numerous divine blessings by cultivating the precious land of this country,” Ayatollah Khamenei told youngsters.

Elsewhere in his remarks, the Leader of the Islamic Republic touched on the government’s responsibilities toward the agricultural sector. He stated that the government should make every effort to raise the status of the agricultural sector in the country by allocating the necessary budget and facilities, promoting research and training in the agricultural sector, appointing competent managers to key positions and solving the problems facing farmers.

“The government is also expected to prepare the groundwork for attaining self-sufficiency with respect to important agricultural products and also in the area of raising farm animals. Appropriate water management, bringing more lands under cultivation, attaching greater significance to the issue of training and applying and promoting modern scientific techniques can help to accomplish this important objective,” the Leader noted.

Ayatollah Khamenei further called on young university graduates majoring in various agricultural courses to go to agricultural regions and give a helping hand to farmers. He also advised the farmers to try to benefit from the knowledge and expertise of young university graduates in the best way.

In conclusion, the Leader referred to the country’s advancement and progress in various scientific fields, including the field of research and nuclear technology, as among the blessings of the Islamic Revolution and the Islamic system in Iran.

“This brisk and lively advancement will continue by divine favor and assistance and in the light of appropriate planning and serious efforts on the part of the government and the people, despite all the hostilities of the arrogant powers against our nation,” the Leader told the audience.

Ayatollah Khamenei stated that by the time the 20-Year Perspective Document is fully implemented, the Islamic Republic of Iran will have reached the zenith of progress and development under the banner of Islam, a fact which will also promote spirituality and bring further honor and glory to Islam.

The Minister of Agricultural Jihad, Mohammad-Reza Eskandari, also speaking at the meeting, said that the agricultural sector is the motive force of economic growth, creating jobs and national development. He added that his ministry is determined to give fresh impetus to this sector through appropriate planning and by solving the problems facing farmers.

Eskandari further said that by utilizing modern techniques and relying on industrious farmers, the Ministry of Agricultural Jihad is targeting self-sufficiency with respect to basic agricultural products, and that it also intends to help the country become an exporter of these products.

Before the Leader’s statements, some exemplary farmers spoke at the meeting. They attributed their success to reliance on Almighty Allah, diligence and perseverance, heeding expert advice and using government assistance in a proper manner. They also called for greater government attention to the agricultural sector.

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