Leader’s Address to army cadets at Imam Ali Military Academy

December 21, 2005

The following is the abridged text of a speech made by the Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Ayatollah Sayyid Ali Khamenei, at a ceremony held at Imam Ali (greetings be upon him) Military Academy on December 21, 2005. The ceremony marked the completion of the third preliminary combat training program of the cadets of various military academies of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Army.

In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

I express my congratulations to our dear young cadets, who received their epaulettes today and took their first step toward their membership in the honorable Army of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and also to their instructors, directors of this military academy and high-ranking commanders of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Army.

Membership in the armed forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran is a cause of pride and honor. This is not a slogan, but it is a reality which is acknowledged by anyone who is aware of the present condition of mankind, and who is also familiar with the Islamic Republic of Iran and the noble ideals and objectives of the Iranian nation.

The Army of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC), the Basij Volunteer Force (BVF) and the Law Enforcement Force (LEF) are campaigning for noble human ideals and objectives. The armed forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran are ready and prepared not only to defend their homeland – an objective which is itself the cause of great honor – but also to safeguard human ideals and protect the honor and dignity of mankind.

Today, the appalling and abominable demon of domination is threatening all the world’s nations. The Iranian nation and the Islamic Republic of Iran are not the only targets of such threats, as they are targeting the entire humanity and human principles and values.

Presently, you can see how the United States of America, which is the pivot of the global hegemonic system, is treating human beings and human values. The killing and trampling on the honor, dignity and national identity of human beings have become a common practice for U.S. politicians, so much so that they no longer feel the ugliness of their actions.

What are nations expected to do in the face of this embodiment of wickedness and evil? Are they expected to surrender and entrust the sealing of their fate, identity and future to the aggressors who are not held back by any religious, moral or human principles?

You can see what the dependants of arrogant powers are doing in Palestine. You saw what the armed mercenaries of the United States and Britain did and are still doing in Iraq and Afghanistan. In the past also they imposed the heavy burden of their presence and evil actions on different parts of the world wherever they could.

What are nations expected to do under such circumstances? They have no alternative but to become strong, trust in Almighty Allah, boost their self-confidence and rely on their intrinsic potentials and capabilities.

In order for nations to become strong, they should try to incessantly enhance their economic, scientific and political capabilities. However, boosting the power of defending their identity and their borders is one of the most urgent necessities of nations under the present circumstances. Today, our armed forces are shouldering this responsibility.

You are the symbol of power and strength of the Iranian nation, and this is a great honor. But strength and power will not be gained only through military training. The boosting of determination and faith should also accompany military training. The morale and spirits of servicemen should be high in order for them to be able to use their military capabilities in an optimal manner.

Dear youngsters! You should try to increase your strength and boost your firm resolve and determination. You have been entrusted with heavy responsibilities. It is probable that an army will not engage in a military confrontation even once for many years. However, the preparedness of the armed forces and their standing firm by the nation will instill the public with national confidence and peace of mind.

You should make every effort to raise confidence in the hearts of the Iranian people, which includes both self-confidence and trust in their armed forces. Among your major duties are systematic military training, observing military discipline, boosting faith and determination in your hearts, which are pure and enlightened, and adhering to the lofty moral principles of Islam.

You are clean and spotless. Your young hearts are pure and enlightened. You should highly value these qualities. You should treasure your inherent talents and try to fulfill your potentials. You should try to bring further honor to the Army of the Islamic Republic of Iran which, by divine favor and assistance, has so far achieved great honor and dignity.

You should regard the armed forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran as a great family. Every force and military organization such as the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Army, the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps, the Basij Volunteer Force or the Law Enforcement Force should cooperate with other forces and military organizations in a cordial and brotherly manner. You should trust each other and try to share each other’s valuable experience and make yourselves stronger and more prepared as time goes by.

You should bear in mind that divine assistance is bestowed on those people who have made themselves ready to receive this assistance. Thus, through incessant and tireless efforts, strong faith, reliance on and recourse to Almighty Allah, you should make yourselves ready to receive divine mercy and assistance.

I hope that your first step today will be a prelude to your greater strides in the future. I also hope that you will be an asset to Islam in the Army of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Greetings be upon you and Allah’s mercy and blessings

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