Fierce fighting continues in Afghanistan

4599.jpgTaliban Mujahiddeen fired 30 rockets at a base of American troops in Naway Adda, Barmal district of Paktika province on the nigh between Thursday and Friday, Dr. Muhammad Hanif, spokesman of Taliban government told Afghan Islamic Press. He said they do not have details about the damage caused by the landing of rockets at the base. 

There was no word from local karzay and occupation forces till the filing of this report. 

Taliban on Thursday also accepted responsibility of firing rockets at Kabul city last night and said two rockets hit the puppet “karzay defence ministry” building. 

Earlier Taliban spokesman, Dr. Muhammad Hanif, phoned the office of Afghan Islamic Press from an undisclosed location and said, “Taliban fighter fired three rockets at Kabul city last nigh.” 

Two rockets hit the “defence ministry” building while the third one landed in the proximity of “defence ministry”, he added. 

Afghan Mujahiddeen on Friday claimed responsibility of landmine blast in Khost and said five puppet karzay “policemen” were killed in the explosion. 

Fierce fighting between Taliban Mujahiddeen, karzay and occupation forces is continuing in west of Kandahar, a karzay representative said Friday. 

Karzay commander Rahmatullah Raufi told Afghan Islamic Press today’s noon that heavy fighting had been continuing in Sanzali area of Ziari district of Kandahar province between Taliban and karzay formation since morning. He said occupation troops also taking part in the battle against Taliban. 

Raufi did not disclose further details of the fighting. There was no immediate word from Taliban about the clash. Sanzali area is situated 30 kilometer to west of Kandahar city. 

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