An explosive device hit a Canadian patrol vehicle in Shah Wali Kot District of Kandahar Province on April 22 killing four soldiers, international news agencies reported. According to a Canadian military spokesman the explosion was detonated by a technically advanced remote-controlled device, “The New York Times,” reported on April 23. Unidentified members of a family from Gumbad, a village where the Canadians operate, told the newspaper on April 22 that residents of their village organized the attack on the Canadians in retaliation for what they said was the disrespectful behavior of the Canadians. “I am an educated person, and I know a bit about how they do things, but I am getting angry when they are bringing dogs to my mosque and to my house,” an unidentified elder from Gumbad said, adding that if he had the courage, he would attack the Canadians as well. The military spokesman doubted the villagers claim, saying that the device’s sophistication was likely beyond their means. He also said the Canadian forces have not received complaints from the villagers. Since the Canadian military deployment in Afghanistan in early 2002, 15 soldiers and one diplomat have been killed, CanWest News Service reported on April 23.

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