Ahmadinejad felicitates Al-Maleki

TEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad called Iraqi Premier Javad al-Maleki to express his felicitations over the formation of a representative government in Iraq. The President expressed the hope that the formation of a stable government in Iraq would pave way for the full establishment of a popular government and the withdrawal of occupiers, leading to a powerful and developed country at the hands of Iraqi people.   

Referring to common religious beliefs and historical relations between the Iraqi and Iranian nations, Ahmadinejad expressed Iranian nation’s solidarity with Iraqi brethrens in their joy and grief and stressed that Islamic Republic will continue supporting the Iraqi people and government.

Pointing to a great and touchy mission on the part of Iraqi people, Maleki emphasized on the Iraqi nation’s and government’s decision to surpass this hard stage and find solutions for their problems by reliance on Allah and with the help of their allies, including Iran.

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