President:Councils Manifestly Effective

TEHRAN, April 29–President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said on Saturday that when Iran gained access to the nuclear fuel cycle many countries celebrated and felt that Iran is at the forefront of seeking justice at the global level.
Addressing the Interior Ministry gathering themed “Commemoration of National Day of Islamic Councils“ attended by Tehran councilors, the president noted that making Iran an exemplary and powerful society is not just the demand of Iranian officials and nation, but also of many other nations.
Stating that the councils are the best wing of state institutions, he pointed out that the councils manifest the most effective form of public participation in state affairs.
He called for the strong support of Islamic city and village councils, which will compensate for the backwardness of the past few hundred years imposed by the global imperialism.
Ahmadinejad also emphasized that councilors should shun politicization of affairs.
“The 20-Year Vision also implies that Iran should become an exemplary society in all fields for the entire human race. Mankind is indebted to the Iranian nation in terms of sciences, civilization, culture, industry, literature and arts. And it is the ideal of the Islamic Revolution and the historical mission of the Iranian nation that Iran restores its previous status among the international community,“ he said.
Ahmadinejad stressed that meeting the objectives of the 20-Year Vision is possible in a shorter period of time.
“In the current Iranian year (started March 21), we shall give a few more good news regarding scientific and technical accomplishments of our scientists to the nation so that it becomes evident that our scientists can make the impossible possible,“ he said.

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