Syria-Iran Relations are Example to be Followed, Iranian Official Says

Tehran, Iran, SANA

Speaker of the Iranian Shura Council Gulam Ali Haddad Adel on Wednesday stressed  the importance of Syrian –Iranian relations, Saying these relations are considered an example that should be followed by the Islamic nations.During a meeting with Minister of Islamic Endowments Ziad al –Din al –Ayyobi , Haddad Adel added that parliamentary cooperation between Iran and Syria is boosting, noting to the importance of  exchanged visits between officials in both countries which will positively affect bilateral relation. He called on the Islamic world to be united and aware of foreign plots.   For his part, Minister Ayyobi stressed the significance of solidarity among Muslims in the world.    Earlier, Minister of Islamic Endowments called on an Iranian religious organization to adopt an Islamic discourse, based on Islam’s educational and spiritual aspects, in order to face enemies who want to set fire of sedition to the Arab and Islamic nations.Ayyobi, meeting Chairman of the Iranian -Islamic Relations and Culture Organization Sheikh Mahmoud Mohammadi Iraki said that “People in Syria live under the umbrella of national unity and tolerance.”Sheikh Iraki, for his part, expressed his country’s high appreciation of Syria’s stances toward Iran, adding that both countries share glorious ties and one history. “Syria and Iran have common goals in raising spirit of unity, dignity and rapprochement between Muslims and the Islamic world,” Sheikh Iraki said, calling for boosting cultural ties to confront plots targeting Islamic nations.

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