29 occupants and national traitors were killed in Chechnya

According to the source at the State Military Committee for Defence (SMCD)-Majlisul Shura 4 invaders were killed and 6 servicepersons of the enemy were injured during military operations implemented by the Mujahiddeens in the Nozhay-Yurt region of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria (CRI). According to information of the Chechen side the Chechen Islamic fighters attacked the enemy nearby the settlement Zhanni-Vedeno on 12 May.  


A detachment of occupants conducted reconnaissance. During the clash with the enemy the Chechen fighters eliminated 3 servicepersons of the enemy and wounded at least 4 of them. The same day an armoured troop carrier (BMP) that had carried a group of kaffirs was blasted on the motorway Vedeno-Dargo. As a result of blasting 1 occupant was killed and 2 ones were injured. BMP was eliminated too. 


Moreover occupants recognise 3 Russian mercenaries died and 6 ones injured as a result of blasting an armoured troop carrier (BTR). Details of the operation are not reported. According to statements sounded by enemy information sources fighters subordinated to Doku Umarov fighters carried out the operation allegedly. 


We shall remind that Mujahiddeens had attacked two times kaffirs in Djohar before. On 12 May the Islamic fighters shot a car with the Russian mercenaries in broad daylight and killed 2 enemy soldiers and wounded 3 ones. On 13 May the Chechen Mujahiddeens attacked one more car with the Russian mercenaries. They killed 1 mercenary and injured 4 ones. Any information on casualties among the Islamic has not been transmitted.



According to information of the Chechen Command the Russian air forces and artillery are keep on bombarding alpine regions of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria (CRI). During last days they bombarded the Nozhay-Yurt, Kurchaloy, Vedeno and Itum-Kala regions of the country. Information on possible losses among civilian or the Chechen fighters or civilian is non-available. 


At the same time clashes keep on to take place in the abovementioned regions. According to information of the Chechen source the group of the Mujahiddeens attacked a detachment of occupants. During a short shooting at least one enemy soldier was killed and one occupant was injured. The Islamic fighters returned to their deployment site without any losses. 


One fight took place nearby Ersenoy village of the Vedeno region. According to information of the Chechen Command 3 invaders were killed in this action. It was not informed on wounded. One Mujahidden was slightly injured. 


The occupant’ sources inform that a mobile group of the Chechen fighters attacked detachment of Special Forces (so-called “spetsnaz”). One Russian terrorist was injured. The occupants did not give another information on this attack.

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