23 enemy solders were killed in Chechnya

4719_1.jpgAn official of the Military Committee of the State Committee for Defense – Majlisul Shura of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria (CRI) informed the Kavkaz-Center Agency on new combats burst out in different regions of the country. According to information of the source 23 kafirs (Russian invaders) and munafigs (collaborationists) were killed and at least 15 enemy soldiers were injured in these clashes.   The official of the Chechen Command told the Agency that the most hard-fought hostilities were conducted in the Vedeno Region of the country wherein combats between mobile detachments of the Chechen fighters and the Russian invaders take place during several days. During the recent clashes that took place on 28-29 May the Chechen fighters killed 11 servicepersons of the enemy and injured 9 ones. The Chechen side lost 2 Mujahiddeens who became Shaheeds (inshAllah!). The Russian troops use helicopters and armors. Hostilities continue currently in the Vedeno Region. The main combat area is situated in villages Eshilkhatoy, Vedeno and Elistanzhi. 7 kafirs were killed and 4 were injured during the combat burst out between Belgatoy and Dargo villages of the Vedeno Region. The official of the Chechen Command told that the Mujahiddeens attacked transport convoy with aggressors who pertained supposedly to the odious terrorist organization – so-called FSB (Federal Security Service). Several motorcars were destroyed. During the shooting 1 Mujahiddeen became Shaheed (inshAllah!) and 4 Chechen fighters were injured slightly.  

3 kafirs were killed and 2 ones were injured during night attacks of the Chechen fighters on sites of deployment, block posts and patrols of the aggressor in Johar. At least 3 national betrayers and 1 Russian mercenary were killed in the Itum-Kala region of Chechnya as a result of blasting military motorcar on 29 May. A day before a detachment of Special Forces of the enemy (so called spetsnaz who can fight only against peaceful civilians – women, old men and children) was attacked in the same region. One more 2 odious invaders were killed.

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