Russia may Form a Permanent Naval Station in Syria

Allegedly, Russia wants to use the Syrian Tartus Port as permanent naval station.


The Kommersant newspaper published in Russia claimed the Moscow administration wants to establish the Tartus Port in southern Syria as a permanent naval station. A spokesman for the Russia Defense Ministry, however, refused the claim.


The newspaper, recalling there has been a Russian presence in Tartus Port since the Soviet Union, said by turning the port into a naval station, Russia aims to increase its influence in the Middle East.


S-300PMU-2 Favorite type Ballistic missiles are to be placed in the port as part of the plan that was earlier stated to also increase Syria’s defense force.


While economy consultant Vladimir Zimin from the Russian Damascus Embassy confirmed the naval station plan, in his statement to the official news agency, RIA Novosti Defense Ministry spokesman Vyacheslav Sedov said “the claim is baseless.”

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