30 American, Puppet Soldiers Gunned Down by ISA Forces

4800_1.jpgOn June 15, armed forces of the Islamic State of Afghanistan   ambushed and terminated  eight puppet regime soldiers and destroyed their two vehicles in Kashaki Nahad area of Helmand province.

Also on June 15, Taliban fighters executed a puppet regime intelligence chief of Garam Seer (Hazara Guft) district of Helmand province.

On June 14, armed forces of  Islamic State of Afghanistan attacked a joint convoy of puppet soldiers and puppet policemen in Hasan Kariz area of Shahjowi district which left three puppet policemen dead and two other injured. A vehicle was also destroyed in the attack.

Also on June 14, ISA armed  forces  terminated  13 US and puppet afghan soldiers in Bazargan area of Shahgowi district and six puppet policemen in Mezana district during attacks.

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