US chopper Shot Down, Over 24 Americans, Puppets Troops Terminated in Afghanistan

Taliban shot down a US helicopter in Mirabad area of Uruzgan province at night, June 24. The chopper was targeted with an anti-aircraft missile which left all the people onboard dead.


Taliban on Saturday, June 24,  rejected coalition forces’ claim of inflecting heavy casualties on Taliban in  Uruzgan and Kandahar provinces and termed it as false.


Spokesman of Taliban fighters, Qari Muhammad Yosaf, while talking to Afghan Islamic Press said, “A clash between Taliban and coalition force took place in which Afghan forces also took part.” He added that 14  US troops and puppet regime troops were gunned down in the fighting while three military vehicle of coalition forces were also destroyed. He said that three Taliban fighters martyred (inshAllah) in the firefight.  The coalition forces reported the killing of 40 Taliban fighters in the same area today.


Qari Muhammad Yousaf further said, “Taliban destroyed three vehicles of coalition forces in Ziari area of Kandahar province today in which atleast ten foreign troops were also killed.” The coalition forces said today that 25 Taliban fighters were also killed in Ziari area today.


Taliban on Sunday, June 25,  disowned an audio tape linked to Mulla Muhammad Omer and aired by Geo, a Dubai based Pakistani television, saying that Taliban supreme leader did not issue any such audio tape. Spokesman of Taliban fighters Dr. Muhammad Hanif phoned the office of Afghan Islamic Press in Peshawar and said, “I received phone calls from Pakistan, saying that Geo Television has aired an audio tape of Mulla Muhammad Omer but I assure you that no such audio cassette has been issued and the audio tape linked to Taliban supreme is false.”  He advised the media to check any such tape or statement from Taliban spokesmen before releasing. Another spokesman of Taliban fighters, Qari Muhammad Yousaf also disowned the audio tape linked to Mulla Muhammad Omer and said that the audio tape was false.


An unmanned aircraft of coalition forces was crashed in Khost province on yesterday, a puppet police official said Saturday. Puppet police chief of Khost province, \”general\” Muhammad Ayub, told Afghan Islamic Press that an unmanned aircraft of coalition forces made emergency landing in Ismail Khail area, 20 kilometers from Khost city. Informed sources said that the plane was crashed yesterday and later the coalition forces shifted the  wreckage. There was no word from coalition forces in this regards.

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