32 More Russians, Puppets Terminated, Wounded in Chechnya

4873_1.jpgOn June27 to June 28, thirty two  Russian kafirs (infidels) and munafiqs (traitors) were terminated and wounded in different firefights and military divervion operations on the territory of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria, report Kavkaz Center sources in the Chechen Command. Mujahideen were most actrve in districts Vedeno, Nozhai Yurt, Achkhoi Martan and Kurchaloi as well as in Chechen capital Jokhar (former Grozny).

 Mujahideen terminated 17 and wounded 15 Russian kafirs and Chechen munafiqs in these  attacks, told a spokesman of the Chechen Command. Three  Russians were killed and 4 other wounded in shootings and explosions in Jokhar.


Mujahideen ambushed foreign tropps in district Achkhoi Martan, near Chechen-Ingush border resulting in killing 4 and wounding at least 7 other Russians.


Two Russian kafirs  were killed and another one wounded by blowing up  their armoured personnel carrier in the area of village Nikikhat. Three more Russians were terminated and another 3 wounded in a firefight near village Yalkhoi Mockh. Mujahideen did not suffer any major casualties. Only one Mujahid was hurt.


Meanwhile the Russians partly acknowledged their casualties in recent Mujahideen attacks. Thus a Prague-based American station Radio Liberty citing Russian occupation sources reported that  2 Russians were killed and 4 other wounded in Chechen  district Achkhoi Martan. Another Russian was terminated in disrtrict Vedeno, said the station. In Jokhar, one Russian was killed and 2 other wounded in Mujahideen attacks. Their vehicle was blown up.

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