Captivity of Israeli Soldiers Result of Zionists’ Disrespect for Diplomacy

A0085209.jpgTERHAN (Fars News Agency)- A Hezbollah official said Israel’s disrespect for 6 years of diplomatic moves for the freedom of Lebanese prisoners underlay captivity of 2 Israeli soldiers by Hezbollah forces at the Lebanese-Palestinian border on Wednesday.

Speaking to FNA, the official said that many Lebanese nationals still remain in captivity in the Israeli prisons and that ever since Israeli withdrawal from Lebanon in 2000, Hezbollah has resorted to all diplomatic and political moves to set the said prisoners free, yet the Zionist Regime has proved to be disrespectful to diplomatic means, “and thus, Hezbollah embarked on taking the two Israeli soldiers in a bid to swap them with the Lebanese prisoners.”

He denied any relationship between the Hezbollah operation and the recent crimes committed by the Zionist Regime in Palestine, and reminded that they have embarked on such a move 6 months after the start of the new round of the violence and aggression against the Palestinians.

“It is now 6 years that we started negotiations with the Zionist Regime for the release of our prisoners,” the official stated.

Lebanese police announced this afternoon that two Israeli soldiers have been taken into captivity after an Israeli army unit trespassed Lebanese borders midday Wednesday.

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