15 More US, 11 UK Invaders Terminated in Afghanistan

5039_1.jpgTaliban attacked British troops in Garmser district of Helmand province on July 20  which ignited a clash between the two sides. 11 British soldiers were killed in the firefight. Three Taliban fighters martyrd (insha Allah).

 Taliban conducted attack against coalition forces in in Dai Chopan district of Zabul province on July 20 th night in which 12 coalition soldiers were killed and four Taliban wounded.

 In another incident, Taliban fighters blew up a vehicle of US troops with a remote controlled landmine in Shinkai district of Zabul province, killing three US soldiers.

 Taliban attacked  a checkpoint in Shahr-e-Safa district of Zabul province in which he said three puppet soldiers were killed.

 Taliban blew up a vehicle of puppet  soldiers with remote controlled landmine in the capital of Baghlan which left a soldier dead and two others wounded.

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