Anger and Revenge in the Arab-Israeli Conflict

Anger manifests itself in hatred and hatred in revenge. The desire for revenge can swell and result in terrible tragedy and bloodshed. When a man submits himself to anger, he will be consumed by it, and become wicked as he embroils himself with Satan, the mirror of his final stage of spiritual ruin. Anger and revenge have never constituted a solution to disputes among groups of people and neither has ever been the antidote to injustice, but rather they are fatal pathogens and curses upon those haunted by them. Anger and revenge deprive man of his healthy sense of righteousness, disorient his temper and behavior, impede his vision, and abate the wisdom of his judgments.

Since the creation of Israel as a state, the Israelis have been harsh and abusive, lashing out in their anger toward the Palestinians, leaving them with substandard living conditions and without promising or hopeful future prospects. There is no record of an instance of human rights abuse avoiding resistance in the history of mankind; the Israelis are not an exception, their inhumane treatment of Palestinians has backfired right in their faces, making Palestinians as vicious as they can be in their resistance to an occupation marked by blood and violence. So, the Israelis have been penalized for their sins – fear now dominates every day of their lives as they suffer from the lack of peace and security. The question one may ask is: are these two nations insane in committing themselves to self-destruction, self-defeating, and harmful conditions as they act out their anger?

The guiding principles of reasonability, intelligence and wisdom have been trampled by both sides; the misguided immorality of “an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth” has been prevalent in their actions toward each other. While Palestinians are complaining of occupation infestations, Israelis are distressed by the lack of peace and security. Unfortunately enough both sides know that their violence toward one another will not warrant reconciliation to their differences, yet they continue, prolonging their war and causing more human casualties in the process. The root of the reasoning behind these tragedies and the cause of them is the revenge they dwell and act on that has made both sides abandon their scruples, responsibilities and discretion to act so recklessly. It is an overwhelming self-righteousness that makes each side attempt to exonerate itself and incriminate the other. This folly condemns them both. If all the effort and resources that are utilized for destruction and annihilation were directed towards a peaceful solution to the longstanding territorial disputes, a lasting peace, tranquility and harmony would have been established a long time ago.

Israelis and Arabs alike are people of faith with so many similarities and yet they have decided to proclaim Evil’s victory. Recently the Israelis vengefully rushed to the rescue of an abducted solder in Gaza; its army poured into Gaza and were responsible for the unforgivable act of pulling the plug on the electricity of the whole region, without consideration even for hospitals housing innocent civilians with chronic diseases. Upon entering Gaza, an Israeli solder perished. Where is the common sense and intelligence in this? Before recovering the abducted solder they had already lost another, and as they pursue their mission there will be even more Israeli solders and many innocent civilians killed.

Hatred and bloodshed feed off one another – hatred induces bloodshed and bloodshed more hatred. Observe the most recent bloody and complicated confrontation between Hezbollah and Israel. (Hezbollah means “The Party of God”. My dear readers, they are not a part of God but rather apart from God.) The abduction of two Israeli solders resulted in the display of the Israelis’ fire and destroying power, as their desire for revenge led to the indiscriminate killing of hundreds of civilians and the wounding of many more. These innocent victims were not members of Hezbollah, neither were they all Moslems – many were Christians, but the Israelis’ anger does not discriminate.

Israel as a sovereign state has every right to defend itself in a fashion that will not endanger the lives of its citizens nor obliterate its neighbors unjustifiably. But what can be more unreasonable than seeking the rescue of two solders, and in the process losing scores more? The Israeli government has not even shown respect for its own citizens. Again, to recover two soldiers, scores of citizens were sacrificed and more than a thousand injured. Israel could have engaged in a peaceful mission and swapped Arab prisoners for the abducted solders, as has been done before. What made this instance require such different, drastic measures? What is the sense of recovering two soldiers only to lose so many more in the process? This surely shows the absolute absence of common sense and sensibility in this whole situation. How can this kind of insanity have come to be? The answer is Israel has been led by governments with ideas and beliefs based on revenge and force; as a result, it has given birth to so many fanatic groups that, like serpents, have continually bit Israel with their poisonous revenge.

Israelis claim that their mission in Lebanon was an act of self-defense and aimed at weakening Hezbollah. Surely weakening Hezbollah is within Israel’s capacity. But this weakening can only be temporary, because soon after the invasion ends, Hezbollah can regroup and fortify. Their benefactors are capable and willing to support them. Even if Hezbollah were to be exterminated, Israel would not be in the clear because Israel’s erroneous policies have created many terror groups. Without the peaceful resolution of the Arab-Israeli conflicts, the anger, hatred and revenge will continue to escalate, and the terror groups and their supporters will multiply, perpetuating the instability, turbulence and suffering of both nations.

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