Iran Always Worried about Situation in Iraq

A01573511.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Parliament Speaker Gholam Ali Haddad Adel said Tehran has always been worried about the conditions in Iraq, stressing that Iran’s fate is tied with that of Iraq.

A statement released by the Information and Media Department of the Islamic Consultative Assembly said that Iranian Parliament Speaker Gholam Ali Haddad Adel met with former Iraqi Prime Minister Ibrahim Ja’fari here on Thursday.

During the meeting, Haddad Adel described the two countries’ ties as cordial and said, ” Tehran has always been worried about the conditions in Iraq, and Iranians believe that their fate is tied with that of the Iraqi people.”

Noting the recent crisis in the Middle-East and the Zionist regime’s aggressions against the Palestinians and the Lebanese, he stated that what is happening to the Palestinians and the Lebanese these days is in fact a result of the Untied States’ rigid efforts for the implementation of the so-called New Middle-East Plan which, he said, has materialized in the form of all-out aggressions against the defenseless civilians.

The Iranian top legislative official further stressed the obligation for all Muslim and Arab states to render practical support to the Palestinian and Lebanese people and reminded that the Islamic countries must stand up against the barbaric aggressions of the Zionist regime at this sensitive juncture.

Regarding Iraq, he expressed hope that stability and calm would be restored in the crisis torn country.

For his part, Former Iraqi Premier Ibrahim Ja’fari praised Iran’s support for the incumbent Iraqi government and Tehran’s efforts for the establishment of peace and stability in that country, saying that Iraqi people consider the Islamic Republic of Iran as a powerful and brother neighbor.

Referring to the ongoing crisis in Lebanon and Palestine, he said, “Now is the best time for testing the Islamic countries to see if they can prove their religious solidarity through their supports to the Lebanese and Palestinian nations.”

Ja’fari further noted the United States’ approach towards the Middle-East region and reminded, “What the US understands and means by the phrase democracy in the Middle-East region is in pursuit of the realization of its objectives in relation to the materialization of the so-called Great Middle-East Plan.”

He also criticized indifference of some regional leaders regarding the Middle-East developments and said that they have crossed the red line of the world of Islam by remaining silent.

To conclude his words, he called for the ever-increasing supports and aids of the Islamic Republic for the establishment of stability in Iraq and reinvigoration of economic, social and developmental infrastructures of that country.

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