Private security guards fire on protestors in Sulemani

London ( 27 July 2006: Early in the morning on Thursday, the private security guards of the Tasluja Cement Factory of Sulemani fired on the protesters injuring 13 people, reported online

Over 700 workers in the Sulemani Cement Factory protested on Thursday morning for better working conditions, abolishing a decision by the management to sack a number of workers and to return the ownership of the factory to the government sector, after giving it to a private firm.

Most of the Kurdistan’s industrial sectors have been handed over, not privatised, to the private sector, which is controlled by a small number of newly established businessmen closely linked to the ruling political organisations and individuals. It is believed that these firms are the business facet of the influential individuals and groups within the Kurdish political administration.

Today’s incident is an indication of that the Kurdistan’s administration is losing power to a small newly established private firms with power of persecuting their workforce.

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