Syria. No to “International Force” Zionist Proxy for Lebanon

5135_1.jpgSyria on Saturday slammed Rice’s call for an international force to pacify southern Lebanon as an occupation force that would do the Zionist regime’s job.

 An editorial in the official Tishrin daily said: “The international force proposed by Rice intends to occupy southern Lebanon and it, instead of the Zionist regime, will be charged with trying to demolish the Lebanese national resistance.”

 Rice returned to the Middle East on Saturday as part of her futile shuttle when it is obvious that she and the Bush regime in Washington have barely concealed their support for the terrorist state of “Israel” and its crimes against humanity.

 Rice, who was scheduled to visit Lebanon abruptly cancelled her plans following the cowardly Zionist bombardment with US-supplied precision-guided bombs on a building in the town of Qana in the early hours of Sunday that killed between 55 and 60 people, 27 of whom were children and the rest mostly women. Rice was scared of the anger of the Lebanese people who were planning protests at her arrival in Beirut.

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