Zionists Allege Occupied Regions Which Do Not Exist

5193_1.jpgSecretary General of Lebanon’s Hezbollah Hassan Nasrollah has said that the Zionist regime has been caught off guard by Hezbullah resistance fighters on the battlefield, forcing the Zionist troopers to flee.


In a televised speech, aired by the Al-Manar Network, Nasrollah said that although the Zionist foes are armed to their teeth, Hezbollah combatants have flustered them. Hezbullah combatants destroy the Zionist Army’s armored vehicles and tanks, which are the most advanced in the world, he added.


He noted that despite the infliction of major losses and damages on the Zionist enemy, the Israelils still continue with their propaganda campaign and fabricated stories.


He emphasized that the Zionist enemy continues its psychological warfare. First, Nasrollah noted, it claimed it had occupied the Bent-Jbeil region. But this lie was immediately revealed. The Zionists currently allege they have occupied regions, which do not even exist, Nasrollah stressed.


He added the battle of Hezbullah combatants with the Zionist entity’s armed forces has been quite intense.


Nasrollah pinpointed that Hezbollah’s missile attacks take place in response to the Zionist troopers air raids, and if the Israeli air raids stop, Hezbollah’s missile attacks will also come to an end.


Nasrollah vowed to launch rockets into Tel Aviv if the Zionist regime launches an air raid on Beirut.


Nasrollah said that the Zionist regime claimed it had attacked Dar Ul-Hekmah hospital to access valuable data, but it only kidnapped 5 Lebanese civilians.


He blamed Bush for the recent war and noted that Bush encourages Zionist Regime’s Prime Minster, Ehud Olmert.


He also called on the Arab and Muslim leaders to prove their solidarity with the Lebanese nation.


He hailed the families of Lebanese martyrs and the Lebanese combatants and refugees.


Concurrent with the televised message of Hassan Nasrollah, Lebanese people took part in celebrations in the streets of Beirut.


The U.S.-based Fox News Network admitted the Lebanese people are happy because they see that Nasrollah is still firmly standing against the Zionist entity.

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