Int’l Conference on Zionist Aggression Issues Communiqué

A0213065.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- The International Conference themed ‘Zionist Aggression: Regional and Global Consequences’ ended work here in Tehran on Monday.

On the invitation of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran, a group of thinkers, analysts and political and academic figures from the Islamic world participated in a one-day international Conference titled ‘Zionist Aggression: Regional and Global Consequences’, on Monday, 7August, 2006. The current crisis in the Middle-East, and in Lebanon in particular, and its consequences, were reviewed. The conference consisted of two plenary sessions and two working groups, each addressing legal and political aspects respectively. The participants in the Conference issued the following communiqué.

1- The participants declared the Zionist regime as the party responsible for the present crisis in Lebanon and its tragic consequences and emphasized that the full-fledged aggression against Lebanon and her innocent people betrays well-planned Zionist war plans, and cannot be justified on the pretext of response to the capture of the two Israeli soldiers. The still on-going onslaught makes its clear beyond any shades of doubt that its ultimate aim is to crush the legitimate, national popular resistance of the Lebanese people – as embodied in the Hezbollah.
2- The participants expressed their support for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Lebanon as well for the national resistant movement in Lebanon and Palestine against the Zionist occupation and aggression, and considered the resistance as a legitimate means for national self defense in conformity with international law, including the provisions of the Charter of the United Nations.
3- The participants strongly condemned the atrocious crimes of the Zionist regime in its indiscriminate attacks on main civilian targets, including infrastructural establishments and institutions and defenseless residential areas, especially through using unconventional lethal weapons, and considered such actions as crime against humanity and in blatant violation of international law.
4- The participants condemned the unjustifiable conduct of the United States in supporting the Zionist aggression and consider her equally responsible for the initiation and continuation of the aggression as well as for its tragic consequences.
5- The participants recalled the direct and inalienable responsibility of the United nations, Security Council in particular, in maintaining peace and security, and expressed their deep sorrow and disappointment over the incomprehensible and indefensible inaction of the Council in the face of the on-going large-scale carnage and destruction in Lebanon, especially that the Council has thus far failed to even condemn the Israeli aggression, much less call for an immediate ceasefire and total cessation of hostilities.
6- The participants, expressing their full solidarity with the unflinching support for the Government of Palestine and the legitimate resistance of the oppressed Palestinian people against the Zionist occupation, strongly condemned the repressive acts of the Zionist regime torturing and targeted assassination of the Palestinian militants and kidnapping and imprisonment of Palestinian authorities and members of parliament, and called for their immediate, unconditional release.
7- The participants considered the Israeli deliberate massacres of innocent civilians on July 30th in Qana and on August 5th in Algha as war crimes and acts of genocide, and called on relevant international bodies, in particular the United Nations Human Rights Council, to address the question as a matter of priority, and establish a special committee for investigation and effective pursual of the case involved.
8- The participants considered the draft resolution currently under discussion in the Security Council utterly inadequate and extremely injurious to the sovereignty and territorial integrity and national interests of Lebanon. They believed that any Council resolution must call for an immediate ceasefire, total cessation of hostilities and immediate withdrawal of Israeli forces from all Lebanese territory. The resolution must also desist sanctioning outside intervention in the internal affairs of Lebanon – the sole purview of the State of Lebanon and its constituent political forces.
9- The participants expressed their gratitude to the Government and the People of the Islamic Republic of Iran for their sincere and fraternal support for Lebanon and her national resistance force. They also expressed their gratitude to the Institute for Political and International Studies (IPIS) for organizing their International Conference.

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