Syrian-Lebanese Joint Media Dialogue Session Is Held

20060813-204906_h.jpgDAMASCUS, Aug. 13 (SANA)- The Israeli savage onslaught on Lebanon came in accordance with pre-made schemes and backgrounds for carrying out an agenda that Israel couldn’t implement through the 1559 UNSC resolution, Information Minister said Sunday.

In a Syrian-Lebanese joint media dialogue session, Dr. Muhsen Bilal underscored that correctness of the resistance and steadfastness choice was adopted by Syria was approved through the resistance heroic achievements in Lebanon.

The Arab region and people have again entered the age of the national resistance victory after the resistance, through a legendary steadfastness that was unanimously depicted as a real miracle, could put an end to the confrontations with the enemy, Bilal said.

He pointed out that the resistance has foiled all the enemy schemes and humiliated its allegedly undefeated military machine.

” Israel has worked on exploiting time in the last two days with the purpose of achieving gains that it was incapable to attain throughout a one-month battle but the resistance stood ready for the enemy schemes.” He noted.

For his part, Lebanese Former Minister Weam Wahab said that the Syrian role which has long succeeded in keeping the Lebanese unity and building its institutions is today more important to preserve the Arabism of the region and foil the US-backed Israeli attempts to destroy resistance.

“The whole region is in front of a new phase after the resistance won the battle against the Zionist aggression and its war machine… the resistance has undoubtedly proven that steadfastness will lead to victory in the end,” Wahab added.

He referred to the Syrian stance which rejected bargaining against the resistance, saying “Syria choose to go with its national and pan-Arab stances as well as aspirations of its people who rejected to surrender to hegemony powers.”

Editor-in-chief of Lebanese al-Dyyar newspaper Charles Ayyob said that the importance of victory lies in the fact that it came within a critical stage of the Arab history when solidarity was in lowest degrees and Israel and the US thought that they could impose their conditions on the Arab and the whole region.

“Syria will remain the basic guarantee of Lebanese unity through its positive role which supports the Lebanese reconciliation and rejects participation in any suspicious project that could target national unity in Lebanon,” Ayyob added.

He called on the Arab media to exert more efforts in order to convey the real voice that echoes victory and faces the Zionist propaganda.

Mazen / Ghossoun

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