Musharraf Seeking for a Stronger Pakistan

A0021588.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Pakistan’s President General Pervez Musharraf called on his nation to contribute an active role in making the country increasingly powerful.

“It is imperative that we, the people of Pakistan realize the importance of a strong, prosperous and progressive country for us as a nation. If we analyze the international geo-political environment, it is apparent that countries economically, politically and militarily weak find it a struggle to exist as sovereign states on the world stage. It is, therefore, our national duty to make Pakistan strong,” President Musharraf said in a message released on the occasion of Pakistan’s Independence Day.

He praised Muhammad Ali Jinnah for all his long and arduous struggles for the creation of a new sovereign state on the map of the world, called Pakistan, and continued, “We have to examine our strengths and weaknesses. While keeping in view the lofty objectives for which our country was created, it is our duty to take our beloved country forward in attaining its rightful place in the comity of nations.”

The Pakistani President also said that the far-sighted policies and reforms of his administration over the last seven years have given the country correct strategic direction and that Pakistan is beginning to realize its tremendous human, geo-strategic and economic potentials.

“Consistency and transparency of policies have resulted in economic stability; our focus is now on transferring these benefits to the people. The defense of the country has been made impregnable and a comprehensive strategy is in place to ensure that it goes from strength to strength. We have also achieved much needed political stability for progress of the country. There is an elected government and representatives of the people are present at all tiers of the legislature, from the national and provincial, down to the grass roots level,” he added.

Musharraf also underlined that his administration stands for democracy and has taken far-reaching measures to ensure its sustainability; “there is total freedom of speech and expression in the country. Steps have been taken for the politico-socio-economic empowerment and rights of women. The antiquated and colonial administrative structure has been replaced by devolving power down to the people’s representatives at the grass roots level and local government is in its second tenure. A host of development projects have been initiated and are at various stages of completion. In this regard, special care has been taken for the generation of jobs for the poor segments of society and bringing progress to far flung areas in order to bring them at par with the rest of the country.”

Meantime, the Pakistani President stressed that his nation has not yet overcome all the challenges confronting the country, “for on the fringes of society there are obscurantist elements who do not wish to see Pakistan on the path of progress and prosperity. It is our collective duty as citizens of the state not to let such elements succeed in their evil designs.”

To conclude his message, Musharraf wished dynamism, progress, tolerance and democracy for his Islamic country.

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