NATO Aircraft Shot Down in Afghanistan

Taliban fighters shot down a NATO aircraft in Karam Khail area of Nowbahar district in Zabul province on afternoon, August 14. The  NATO aircraft was shot down with a rocket, killing all the troops onboard.


Taliban blew up a US military vehicle with remote control landmine in village Ismail Khail, district Jalrez of Maidan Wardak province yesterday afternoon (August 14).


Taliban fighters attacked joint convoy of puppet and coalition forces in Barmal district of Paktika province on August 13). The attacked resulted into a fierce firefight between the two sides which left nine coalition and puppet soldiers dead. Two vehicles were destroyed in the attack while two Taliban fighters martyred (insha Allah).


Taliban fighters shot dead puppet police chief of Gulistan along with eight other puppet policemen on August 15. Gulistan district is 260 km from capital of Farah province.

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