The PUK starts a wave of detention after recent protests

London ( 15 August 2006: The PUK security forces Asayish is still searching for the participants of the protest of the town of Derbendixan (aka Darbandikhan) of the 7th August, reported local media on Monday.

After the recent wave of protests the Kurdish security forces are searching home-by-home for the protesters, was told by a resident. The weekly Hawlati reported that Nizam Huseyini (27) was arrested last nigh in Derbendixan.

Another detainee, Tahir Tofiq, who is the correspondent of Shaqam weekly, was arrested during Derbendixan protest for conducting his journalistic job, according to a communiqué issued on Tuesday by his paper, Shaqam weekly. He is now in the Kani-Gome Prison in Sulemani and has gone on hunger strike to protest against the violation of his right as a free journalist, stated the communiqué.

It is unfold that a solicitor known as Bextiyar Hemeseyid was amongst the detained protesters. Despite attempts by the Lawyers’ Association of Kurdistan to secure his release, the PUK Asayish refused to release it, according to online Hawlati on Tuesday.

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