At Least 30 Other US and Puppet Troops Terminated in Kandahar Province

Taliban ambushed a convoy of coalition and Afghan National Army forces and destroyed their 10 vehicles in Panjwai district of Kandahar province. After a while Taliban attacked three security posts in the area which were demolished. 

 While rejecting Western media claims about 70 Talibs purportedly killed in the battle, the legitimate Afghan government of Islamic State of Afghanistan-Taliban reported only 12 Taliban fighers martyred (Shahideen, insha Allah). Eight were wounded while at least 30 US and puppet soldiers were killed during the firefight. 

US  war-planes later on pounded the Panjwai village which left various civilians people killed including women and children. They have no links with Taliban. Earlier several times firefights occurred in the said area and a number of civilian people were killed

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