Iranian Envoy Terms Talks Best Way to Resolve Nuclear Issue

A0194165.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Iran’s Ambassador to Thailand Mohsen Pak Ayeen viewed negotiations and diplomatic interactions as the best possible way for resolving his country’s nuclear issue, stressing that Tehran neither gives up its nuclear rights, nor is keen on engaging in conflict and hostility.

Addressing a fervent congregation of local Muslims, Pak Ayeen who is also Iran’s Accredited Ambassador to Myanmar, reiterated that Iran-west nuclear standoff might be solved merely through diplomatic means and that west’s bullying attitude towards this issue may not leave any impact on Iranians’ resolve for safeguarding their rights.

Elsewhere, he pointed to issues of the world of Islam and termed solidarity and integration the most fundamental needs of the Islamic Ummah (nation).

“Enemies are striving to sow seeds of discord among the Islamic Ummah by targeting the commonalities of the Muslim society,” he said, reminding that enemies have hatched many plots to achieve this goal.

The diplomat further called on the educated class of the Muslim society, the clerics in particular, to invite the public to unity and unveil plots of the enemies.

Referring to the victory of Hezbollah over Israel and the dedications and sacrifices that the Shiite Movement has made for the Palestinians, he viewed brotherhood of Hezbollah and Hamas in fighting the Zionist enemy as a practical symbol of unity and solidarity for Muslims.

Pak Ayeen named the Lebanese Hezbollah as the absolute winner of the war against Israel.

In another part, the Iranian Ambassador described his country’s ties with Myanmar cordial and, noting the political pressures the US has exerted on Yangon to make it cut its relations with Tehran, he mentioned that the era of threats and bullying has ended long ago.

“Differences must now be solved through diplomacy,” he concluded.

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