IAEA Report Indicating Urgency for Resumption of Talks

A0114617.jpg“A considerable part of the report covered Iran’s extensive cooperation with the Agency and its inspectors,” Asefi said according to a statement released by the Foreign Ministry’s Information and Press Bureau.

He also added that the report suggests very clearly that Iran has acted upon its responsibilities within the international rules and regulations and in compliance with the NPT and safeguard criteria.

Meantime, the diplomat mentioned, “As regards the few remaining points, the Islamic Republic of Iran, as frequently stated, is prepared to continue the path of cooperation and dialogue with the IAEA since all its nuclear activities are open, transparent, peaceful and away from any ambiguity.”

“Therefore, all such points could be readily resolved through talks,” he added.

The Deputy Foreign Minister for Parliamentary Affairs also asserted, “Despite US pressures on some world circles, the Agency’s report shows that attention must be paid to avoid any hasty, illegal and politically-driven moves and measures and instead to obey logic.”

He also said that US officials, who are politically driven and pursuing their unilateral policies, seek to confiscate the report and fabricate or deviate it in line with their political goals.

Asefi further stressed Iran’s preparedness for continuing talks with the P5+1 group in a bid to explore possible ways in this regard, and said, “The Islamic Republic of Iran believes that fair and just results acceptable to all the parties could be achieved only through talks and observation of Iran’s legitimate rights.”

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