Ambassador Seeking to Introduce New Iran to Chinese

A0223404.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Javad Mansouri said that introducing new Iran to the Chinese sets the top agenda for his activities as Tehran’s new Ambassador to Beijing.

The 61-year old diplomat referred to the two countries’ extensive and profound developments in the last two decades, and said, “Due to the same reason, I have to brief the Chinese about the detailed conditions dominating Iran.”

He also pointed out that increasing the two states’ cooperation in various grounds, including mutual investment, implementation of infrastructural projects, development of research and educational cooperation and expansion of tourist activities to enhance public understanding of the two countries and expand public exchanges comprise other programs he seeks to pursue during his term of office in China.

Describing China as one of the most active countries in the domain of tourism, the Iranian Ambassador expressed the hope that the two countries could render good cooperation with each other in this regard.

He said that Tehran and Beijing share many identical or close stances on different issues, “and thus, their cooperation at the international scene would continue in future, including Iran-China cooperation within the international bodies.”

Mansouri said he is decisive to make an optimal use of all the existing possibilities to expand the two countries’ relations, and reminded that Iran’s industrial and economic structures had been a duplicate of the western countries during the era prior to the revolution, adding, “But since the Islamic Revolution, the said structures have undergone a fundamental transformation. Therefore, we believe that once we are through with this transformation, we will be lucky enough to witness a still longer leap in Tehran-Beijing ties.”

The Ambassador stated that he has been the major element behind the wide expansion of Iran’s ties with China in the 1980s, and mentioned, “When I was serving the country as deputy Foreign Minister in the said era, I did my best to develop Tehran’s relations with China and I opened Iran’s consulate office in Shanghai in 1988.”

To conclude his words, Iran’s new Ambassador to China assured that his country’s relations with China would certainly undergo a giant growth during the term of his mission in Beijing.

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