Solana, Larijani Glad with Results of Talks

A0207699.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Following the second round of talks between Iran’s chief nuclear negotiator Ali Larijani and EU Foreign Policy Chief Javier Solana, the two sides said they were satisfied with the results of their talks and expressed hope that negotiations would end in the settlement of the nuclear issue.

Speaking to reporters after the meeting, Larijani who is also Iran’s Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) Secretary said that their negotiations were centered on the package of incentives proposed by the west to Iran and the subsequent response to the package by Tehran.

Larijani stressed that negotiations had been constructive and that they had achieved progress in the course of talks.

For her turn, Solana’s spokeswoman Christina Galach confirmed Larijani’s statements and viewed the talks as desirable, positive and constructive.

Yet, no official statement has been released about the content of the first or second round of nuclear talks between Larijani and Solana, where the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Director General Mohammed ElBeradei was also present.

Meantime, Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Hamid Reza Asefi stressed that Tehran may not accept even a short-term suspension of its enrichment activities, stressing that the issue with suspension belongs to the past.

“We do not return to the past, and the issue of suspension does not constitute the context of the nuclear talks,” Asefi said during his last weekly press conference here on Sunday.

He further described the Saturday meeting between Iran’s top nuclear negotiator Ali Larijani and EU Foreign Policy Chief Javier Solana as constructive and useful, adding, “At present Solana is provided with a good opportunity which he can make a desirable use of, depending on his sense of appreciation of time, his possibilities, and his expert views away from all the political motifs at work.”

The diplomat further dismissed allegations that Iran’s nuclear case is stuck in a deadlock, stressing that Iran’s nuclear activities are transparent, open and free from ambiguities.

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