Iran, India Enjoy Strategic Ties

1.jpgDuring the meeting, Mohammad Hosein Saffar Harandi stressed the need for the enhancement of the two countries’ interactions in the field of art and culture and said that the two states’ age-old relations substantiate the two nations’ strategic ties.

He termed safeguarding the two nations’ common cultural background a duty for both countries and stated that the more efforts Iran and India make to reinvigorate and develop their interactions, the more successful the two countries will be in the cultural and educational spheres in future.

The minister pointed out that maintenance and expansion of Iran-India cultural and art interactions constitutes a major part of the two states’ responsibilities and expressed hope that the two countries’ relations would further develop.

Saying that there fortunately resides no meaningful contradiction between Iran and India with regard to their international relations and macro-scale political issues, he called for further activity for the establishment of strategic ties among Asian nations.

Saffar Harandi described the 21st century as the century of Asia and reiterated the need for companionship of Asian states, saying that Asian countries, no doubt, are threatened by common enemies.

“Our enemies are the same ones who strove to block India’s path of progress in the past and have now resorted to the same measures against Iran. We are naturally interested in enjoying the companionship of India as a neighbor and a friend,” he underscored.

Meantime, the Culture Minister underlined that India’s vote at a recent meeting of the IAEA Board of Governors against Iran would not affect the two countries’ cultural and artistic interactions.

“Yet, attention must be paid to the very fact that Asian states, Middle-Eastern ones in particular, are exposed to the threats of common enemies, and if they support each other, they can achieve victory in confronting such enemies,” he concluded.

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