Pro-Russian munafiqs Kill Each Other

At least 7 munafiq terrorists have been killed and more than 21 others wounded in Wednesday (Sept. 13) in an armed clash between two puppets’ gangs,  the “Ingush traffic police officers” and the puppet Kadyrov’s “police special task force (OMON)”,  at a checkpoint at the  border between the Russian-occupied Caucasian Muslim states of Ingushetia and Chechnya, their Russian masters reported.


According to preliminary reports, two puppet “policeman” was killed and ten wounded on the Ingush side and six killed and eleven wounded on the side of the puppet “Chechen OMON” in the clash, the Russians said.


The puppet “Chechen interior ministry” confirmed the number of killed and wounded, reported by the masters.


Earlier, a gang of Ingush puppets was severely beaten in a dispute by Chechen puppets. The Ingush puppets vowed to revenge. When the Chechen puppets crossed the Ingush border on Wednesday, they were met by Ingush puppets with heavy fire from automatic weapons. The Chechen puppets had  an Ingush prisoner in their car and refused to show their papers at the border post.


Meanwhile.a high-level Ingush munafiq; Kostoyev, who “represents” Russian-occupied  Ingushetia in Russia’s upper house of parliament said “Chechnya’s raids on Ingushetia were an outrageous affront for Ingushetia and its people”.


“There is one way out: to ask the whole people of Ingushetia to resist in any possible way — with pitchforks, spades and rifles — these policemen who come, show various identity cards and then snatch people,” he told “opposition” radio station Ekho Moskvy.


Munafiqs  in Ingushetia have repeatedly complained of forays by their fellow pro-Russian stooges from “Chechen special police” carrying out “special operations” on its territory without notifying local munafiq “authorities”.


Meanwhile Russian invaders moved to the border area military convoys with Russian troops in armed personnel carriers and military trucks as a sort of peacekeepers to avoid the escalation of the armed conflict between the two gangs of their puppets. Russian troops took positions in village Orzhenikidskaya near the conflict zone on the Chechen-Ingush border, Russian media reports.

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