Ahmadinejad meets ailing Castro in Cuba

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran attended the residence of his Cuban counterpart Fidel Castro here Saturday evening and met the ailing leader for more than half an hour.
Hailing Castro’s lifetime campaign for independence, Ahmadinejad wished him quick recovery.
The Iranian president stressed the strong intention of Tehran-Havana authorities for further promotion of bilateral ties between the two capitals.
Referring to the massive US meddling in internal affairs of other nations as well as its aggressions against other countries, the president said liberalism was in decay due to the growing hatred of world nations towards the US expansionist and arrogant manners.
US is on the verge of collapse as a symbol of liberalism, Ahmadinejad said.
Praising Ahmadinejad, the 80-year-old Castro said his courageous and independent stances on international issues indicated that the Islamic Revolution was strongly continuing its move.
Castro stressed the need for resistance of all independent states against US pressures and expansionism adding that victory belonged to independent and resistant peoples.
President Ahmadinejad was among few heads of states who had a chance to meet Castro.
The 14th NAM summit ended its work in Havana Saturday night issuing a separate statement in support of Iran’s right to develop peaceful nuclear technology.

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