Cleric Calls on Pope to Repent

TEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- An Iranian cleric called on the world Catholic Church Leader Pope Benedict XVI to repent of his words if he wishes to be pardoned by God and if he desires divine salvation.

Speaking to FNA, the Friday Prayers Leader of Alvand, Qazvin, condemned the recent insults to Islam by the Pope and said such bitter statements and incidents are nothing new to Islam.

“Individuals similar to the Pope who are provoked by the colonialist powers have always existed all throughout the history,” Ali Adelpour continued.

The official stressed that the Pope’s statements have been provoked by the US President, George W. Bush who intends to start a 21st century crusade, adding, “These words proved that the Pope does not know Islam.”

Adelpour called on the Pope to make up for his remarks, reiterating that apology does not suffice to compensate for his insults to Islam.

“To be excused by God, the Pope must repent to God and turn to Islam,” he said, underlining that Catholics should revise the way they select their leader.

“Catholics should replace him (Pope Benedict XVI), because their leader should gift them honor and glory, and not humiliation and disrespect,” the Friday Prayers Leader concluded.

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