Chief Russian Expert Confirms Gas Pipe Explosion Was a Sabotage

Mr Roman Kanaev, Chief Technologist at the Volgograd section of the gas pile line ” Asia-Center” which had been blown up Thursday morning, September 29, undirectly confirmed to a local newspaper, “Komsomolskaya Pravda in Volgograd”, that the blast had been caused by a sabotage operation.


“The overhaul of our gas pipeline section is carried out by our technical stuff every year. Routine repairs and regular checks of the pipeline condition are made more often on a regular basis”, he said.


Actually, there could only 2 reasons of the explosion: it has been either a technical fault or a sabotage. The main technical expect on the site excluded a technical fault which had been also earlier excluded by the blast conditions. So the sabotage remains as the only possible reason.


There is a further indication that makes independent analysts believe that it was a sabotage operation possibly carried out by Mujahideen of the Volga Front of the Chechen Armed Forces. There no other fighters in Russia willing or capable of such attacks, at aany rate.


After the crackdown on independent media by the Russian dog Putin, all Russian media gives similar stereotyped news on sensitive issues and one has to read them between the lines noting words order as Western Sovietologists with Pravda during the time of the USSR. So in this case, all the Russian media enumerating some 5 Russian agencies which went to the site after the explosion put the secret police FSB in front in the list. That means that the Russians themselves think it was a sabotage.


At any rate, an absolutely correct pipe has been chosen for the sabotage. Although there are many branches of this pipeline supplying numerous local consumers in the Volgograd region, it is exactly  the main line leading to Moscow and further to Western Europe that has been blown up.


The blast was so huge that house walls and floors trembled like during a severe earthquake in the nearest village, 25 km from the site of the explosion. The flame from it has been seen in Volgograd, 200 km from the blast area. It took Moscow 12 hours to shut off  the gas delivery to the huge 40 meter-high flame column in order to extinguish the fire after the explosion but Russian authorities  still did not manage to resume the gas pumping through the pipeline till the filing of this report.

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