Full text of President’s speech

 Full text of Presidents speech and the question and answer session before the US foreign relation council



In the Name of God, the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate


Oh Almighty God, please, we beg you to send us our Guardian- who You have promised us- soon and appoint us as His close companions.

I thank you for your remarks and explanations. Of course you reconfirmed that you are an independent council. It’s interesting for me. But the points you mentioned are of special importance. I think today in the world we are facing numerous problems. And we shall not limit ourselves to the wishes of certain powers or parties. We shall take a look at the world and review the present circumstances. I don’t know what is your impression of the present circumstances in the world. But what I believe is that the elements, rules and structures shaped in the post second world war are closing to their end. These elements and structures can not run the world any more. Though there mny be some who are pleased with conflicts and wars because of their party’s interests. But all independent individuals who show sympathy with human values are not pleased with present status of the world. Today there are a few number of people who can see a bright future for the world given the existing political developments in the world. Every day we witness further distance between people and further tensions and hostilities. The structures, rules and element shaped in the post second world war period can no more settle the global problems. As a clear evidence I refer to Palestine, Iraq and even Afghanistan. Afghanistan which we hoped to be followed by positive development but now is facing unpleasant situation. In the African continent we are also facing many unsolved problems. It as the same with South American. Literature of certain powers is the literature of threat. Despite rhetoric commitments we still are witnessing stock-piling of unclear weapons and unclear race. If we look more forward towards peace and tranquility based on the present rules and elements we need to stop the nuclear race. The race for manufacturing unclear weapons and testing the second and third generations of unclear arms are indicatives of the fact that despite the fake claims of certain powers the present atmosphere is the atmosphere of threat. Intervention of certain powers in the internal affairs of other countries unfortunately is developing day by day. These scenes are continued in Iraq and Afghanistan. This shows that our drive in the last sixty years was not an acceptable one. I think all people who believe that they love the human being or are willing to do so and think independently must reconsider their behavior and look for a leeway. Elimination of ethical values from the political relation has been a decisive blow on the trust among nations and governments. Today diplomacy has been turned to distrust and unfrankness. Rarely can we see two authorities or officials from two different states sit together and speak frankly to each other. They smile at each other while they try to impose themselves on the other side and secure only their own benefits. This will lead to nowhere. I do not know whether there are some who think this trend will bring peace, tranquility and equity to the world. When we go through every social subject we can not see any promising futures. The distance between the poor and the rich as well as the views of every nation on its neighboring countries or poor ones, in neither of them can we find a promising future. I think all of us today shall include correction of the present structure in our agenda. Of course we believe that behavior of certain powers is a determining factor in this respect. The powers who are ready to move even in contrary to the interests of their own people. Today in the Middle-East we are witnessing an uncertain behavior on the part of certain powers. They do not know the nations. They enter the social and political scenes of nations hoping to ensure their own benefits. They deteriorate the relations and turn the situation into a fragile one. As examples we can refer to Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan and Lebanon. Certain powers shall reconsider their policies and behavior. Practically the US Government. The US Government today is moving against nations but striking the harshest blow upon its own people. The US policy in the Middle-East has brought only the rage, hatred and hostility of over one billion people and separation of the country from the rest of the world. These policies are wrong and the present circumstances differ from that of sixty years ago. A war raged and finished sixty years ago. This war had its winners who considered special privileges for themselves in running the world. But now after two generations people and nations have been awakened and are demanding their own natural and basic rights. I think now the time is ripe for us to reconsider our policies. A reconsideration which shall be based upon a number of accepted and rational principles. If we view the world with the same values of sixty years ago, we will reach nowhere even if we reconsider the methods and the means. Present world is in pressing need of justice. The present world is in pressing need of ethical values, and respect for all human beings. We all shall believe these principles. Of course I wish to have exchange of views and visions.

Q: Mr. President Thank you. I speak to you not as a member of the council of foreign relations but as an American who is not Jewish. Mr. President you referred to holocaust. In Dec 2005 you said they invented the myth in favor of Jews. D. my predecessors and I visited Auschwitz. I have seen with my own eyes how Jews were massacred. Sir! I hope you understand that the overwhelming majority of American people Jews or non-Jews alike are totally persuaded and horrored by the massacre of the Holocaust. They consider the Holocaust as a genocide two questions Sir. By what substance or evidence you called the Holocaust a “myth”, and what is your aim in doing so? Do you appreciate that if you persist in such a claim for wiping out Israel you make constructive dialogue with America much difficult?

A: Thank you very much for your words. In your words a number of time, you said you were speaking on behalf of American people. I do not reject this claim but you need to provide us with evidence and documents. Even you claimed you have some evidence but you did not provide us with. I have not heard anywhere that the American people have presented their related view.
What I said is quite clear. I raised a number of questions which unfortunately received no response yet. Even any response from those who claim that thinking of various subjects shall be free. I, as a President, as a citizen and as a professor raised a number of questions but received only threats. My questions were quite clear. The question is that in the world war the second more than sixty million people were killed. Out of these sixty millions two millions were among military personnel and the rest were civilians who did not have anything to do with war. These civilians were killed differently and they were respected. Now why we shall focus on certain number of people. Another question was that if you claim that this incident is real, why no impartial groups are allowed to investigate on it? Why European citizens are put behind bars only because of expressing their views? This occurs while we are allowed to question the most proved realities of the world. We allow every one to investigate and raise questions on God, prophets, freedom of human being, human being democracy and human rights but we do not allow anyone to question or investigate a historical event which happened sixty years ago. This is a big question. We think if this is a real incident we can present and prove it more clearly through researches and investigations. But here we face the main question which is raised by no one: this incident happened in Europe but the Palestinians are paying the price. Palestinian people are punished for what? They did not play any role in the world war the second but five millions of their population are displaced. It is sixty years that the displaced Palestinians could not return to their homeland. Two Palestinian generations lost their lives but could not return to their mother-land. This is the main and serious question. I do not judge on historical events for sure. But why impartial groups are not allowed to make researches? For me the response is clear. When I see the anger of Zionists, when I see 5 millions of Palestinians are displaced on the pretext of the Holocaust. When I see Palestinian lands are occupied, then I understand the Zionist’s anger and I understand what has happened in this region.
The Main question is that why Palestinians shall pay the price? While they did not play any role why their lands are occupied? It is about sixty years that they are exposed to harsh pressures. Their houses are bombed on daily basis. Their youth get killed and their men killed under the rubbles, why? When they shout, then they call them terrorists, and when there comes somebody who asks, everybody who is any how related to such issues, get angry and call that person a terrorist and anti-Semitist. No we are not anti-Semitist. In our country the Jews and Moslems are living in peace, and they have a role in our rule, but we say why Palestinians must make up for the crimes which other people committed 60 years ago. I await a response to this question. If there is anybody who has a clear response, he may bring up this response.

Q: Mr. President, I have a narrow question that I ask you, I am only speaking for myself, I could make major distinctions between military soldiers and civilians, killed in war, and millions that were killed purposely, so that would be a genocide, so that would be my first response.

A: Yes, there is certainly a distinction, but the Palestinian nation is systematically being massacred. Is their blood different from the blood of those? Do we have two types of human beings. I haven%q%t heard of friends having made any remarks concerning the Palestinians, killed.

Q: Mr. President. I don%q%t think you answered the question, but you refused to have the holocaust confirmed during the war, I saw with my own eyes.

A: How old are you?

Q: I am 81.

A: You were there and you survived! Congratulations.

Q: So things did happen I would like to have answers. Mr. President, you now denied holocaust occurred.

A: I think my questions are highly clear. Should you think, it is real, then you should request your European states to launch some investigations in this regard. Why don%q%t you let investigations be accomplished. At present we have researchers who have been imprisoned due to their researches regarding holocaust. We don%q%t have such a thing in records that a history researcher is in prison due to his job. Doesn%q%t it occur to you that there is a complexity in this problem?

Q: Mr. President, I am overwhelmed by your comments but I think there is a council that should provide you researches which I am sure they could find researches by independent sources around the world, I am sure probably they could fill this room, this is enormously a scholarly work on whether it existed, so it is firmly established by professional people. The second I would like to say, I would like to know the country that has put people in jail because of their study positions, because I find that focused. The third thing I would like to say perhaps more important is that I find it inconceivable to hear you say what can be a total unsacrotary, Do you think that the things going on in Palestine has anything to do with what we have done as holocaust in the 1940s, I think you have been totally misled. What%q%s happening in Palestine is an issue of territory, history, religion, belief ,and is a very difficult situation to solve and they have arguments on both sides, but the fighting is going with Israel because of the people try to get even for holocaust? whoever has told you that, has totally deceived you.
I thank you for having spoken so emotionally. I say whether an event has taken place, we mustn%q%t restrict people on researching, and you mustn%q%t expect others to have the same opinion about the thing which has materialized for you, and if a person didn%q%t accept your opinion, you shouldn%q%t accuse him of being a terrorist or an anti-Semitist. You have been convinced of some researches, do you expect everybody to be convinced? This is a wrong expectation. Don%q%t you think it is a totalitarianistic expectation ? if the excuse of the European counties for supporting the occupying regime isn%q%t on holocaust, then why are they so overpassioned on holocaust? What is the benefit coming form the overpassioned support on holocaust, isn%q%t it the one whose fruit is being harvested in Palestine?
I think we must be transparent. Accidentally this is one of the points that we have to shift our attention to. Nobody can conceal the realities. This is the fact that people from around the world have gathered in Palestine, and have formed a government in a land belonging to others, and I see oversensitivity on a problem which is related to 60 years ago. We have so many historical events, but remarks are made on them. In history much genocide has taken place, but is there any sensitivity over them. This is the fact that the conclusion which we draw from holocaust is that it is related to the present time issues. To what thing is holocaust related that some people grow angry at, if it is questioned. I think we ought to have a change in opinion, this is a literature, intending to handle the world for 60 years, thus we see that it is not successful. We require a change of opinion. Why are the Palestinian children killed?
Where is Olmert%q%s father from? Where has he come? why are the Palestinian children astray and wandering ? Why don%q%t they have a right to decide about their fate?
But some people have gathered in their land. Don%q%t you think that the Palestinian people have a right to live? Haven%q%t we observed genocide in Balkan during the recent years? Who have committed genocide? Is any research clear about them? Can%q%t people have various opinions about them? Of course I have some opinions regarding those camps, but I don%q%t desire to speak about them. I just want to clarify the subject relation with Palestine for you. Why isn’t there any shout raised for the Palestinian people in the foreign relationship council? Aren%q%t they mankind?

Q: Mr. President, I would like you to answer the question I said, where are the people incarcerated for studying holocaust?

A: In Austria, Germany, France, you are definitely aware of it. Of course in my opinion, the question on holocaust has thrown light on many claims and shown many capacities. Some one asked about holocaust to know what secret there is in holocaust, and then he was invaded and even threatened. These are a set of serious questions, we are so much interested in you, thus we wish that all of us will find the realities, these are realistic questions. If there is anyone thinking that by attacking Ahmadinejad, this question will be cleared from the minds of the world%q% nations, that person is totally at fault. At present billions of people also the people of the U.S are thinking about this problem. We are ready to make something clear for you in a way that there will be one independent group in U.S.A. opinion-polling. Why do you think all the 300 million population of the U.S. support the interests of the Zionists? I don%q%t believe this.

Q: Mr. President, I have listened to which you are saying. I can say so when this is asking this question about holocaust every time, ignorance of disbelief, if it is ignorance, there is plenty of evidence, historical evidence, objective evidence and documents, evidence are there so I am sure that we can arrange all of this delivered to tell us so as to have a chance to educate? As a teacher I am sure you are interested to see. Is it so hard to believe this? As a matter of fact I have suggestions, why don%q%t you pick three scholars. Iran has a long tradition of scholarship and send them on fact-finding trip to places where this genocide is and then let them come back and report on the facts, I think you will have the answer to your question, and the other question is about Palestine, this is about the future, but what I am trying to give you is personally trying to find a just solution to this problem, trying to make peace between Israel and Palestinians, what I just want to is that I believe that if you consider starting justice, as there have been very serious efforts made to try to solve them through establishing peace between the two peoples trying to save their territory, and then if they achieve peaceful solutions, we will support by the pass of charges to these prime studies. That was you saying, your saying supports organizations like Palestinian Islamic Jihad, and then they did everything possible to prevent the peace from being achieved. So there was a major effort being undertaken to resolve this conflict with giving dignity and justice, and Iran did everything possible to destroy that and Iran continues, so my question to you Mr. President is that, if you are so concerned with the Palestinians, why are you so close to peaceful resolution … ?

A: Thank you very much, apparently you believe that your information regarding the holocaust is more than my information, well I don%q%t want to talk about this case, but be confident that if my information isn%q%t more than yours, this information isn%q%t less than yours. My question is a very obvious one, why isn%q%t any permission for investigation given?
Do you let me send an independent international and disinterested group of researchers “not necessary to be only from Iran” to launch a full-scale investigation? And do you also promise not to attack them “the researchers” after their opinions and conclusions are announced? If you give such a guarantee, I will offer such a help.
There is much discussion regarding Palestine. Do you think the unsuccessfulness of Palestine is on Iran? That is your second mistake. If we want to solve the crisis, we must destroy the crisis roots. Covering the problem never solves the problem. Our suggestion is very OBVIOUS. We say that all of the Palestinian nation participate in making their fate, everybody from Palestine, Moslem, Christian and Jewish. The Astrays will return to their homeland, and Palestinians only will decide. I think that the main cause of the projects%q% failure is a unolateralisticness of them, and no justice is met in the plans. If you think Iran is a factor for not reaching the results, then you are greatly mistaken, and can%q%t ever play any useful role there. the problem of Palestine isn%q%t Iran%q%s. A few years ago this was the Moslems’ entire problem, but right now we tell you that this problem is for all of the human-beings. Don’t think that the South American peoples or the Africans are not sensitive to Palestine. Human integrity has been trodden and a bullying logic is predominant there, which irritate human-beings. We say that justice must be met. Are you disagreed with justice? Do you disagree with the Palestinian free–election? We say “let the Palestinian nation make decision all by themselves.” Who has filled the depots of the occupying regime with laser-bombs? If a person thinks with fully-scaled helping the occupying regime, and the region nations will sit and watch, that person is mistaken. Don%q%t you ever think that the Arab countries are not happy with the existence of the occupying regime? We kept silent before the ostentatiously peaceful plans for Palestine. Do you believe capturing the governmental representatives of Palestinians denotes a pleasant symbol for peace? Do you ever think that invading Lebanon is a good sign for peace? Do you believe that the region%q%s peoples will receive a message of peace from repressing the nation of Palestine? You are at fault. I really wish to dissuade you from mistaking. If the above is your mentality, then all your plans will fail, because they ignore the realities and the truths. The problem of Palestine is not Iran%q%s, this problem is the one related to one billion people. You say that you are research–oriented, thus I give you a friendly piece of advice to take a deep look at the problem.

Q: Mr. President, you have articulated many principles, I want to ask you about the principles, for example you spoke about the important issue of freedom of expression in Europe, but in Iran, newspapers have been closed, scholars have been imprisoned, and Nobel-Prize-Winner Shirin Ebadi%q%s organization was closed, you speak about the importance of election for Palestinians, but in Iran the council of guardians disqualified candidates in the last election , and when the bus-drivers organized for better conditions in January, their leader was arrested and members were fired, and you spoke about the rights of Palestinians. But Hezbollah%q%s rockets which you gave them killed 15 Palestinians in the district.

A: Thank you for your attention to Iranians and the Palestinian nation. We are annoyed regarding people, murdered at every place. Iran is a great country and like other countries, there may happen events in it. Thousands of good events and some bad ones. If you think some bad events, intensified, cause problem, you are mistaken. There are 3 million captives in the U.S., which means one percent of the people, while this rate in Iran is 0.2%, which means one fifth of the U.S. rate. Nearly 90% of the prisoners in Iran are involved with narcotic-drug trafficking, which means that we are disbursing money to prevent narcotic-drug from going to Europe and U.S. Now can you say on what reason these three million persons are kept in prison. Did your states imprison them groundless?
There are laws in every country that everybody must regard them. Freedom is obtained under the supervision of law-enforcement. In our country, Iran, there is no one in prison, charged with research.
Yes, if anyone insults anyone else and treads anyone%q%s right, and if a case is processed, then the offenders will be convicted with the presence of judges and lawyers, thus it is highly clear, for there is the law and order ruling in our country. I inform you of a state-run newspaper, which was convicted three months ago because of an offence committed by it, and at present it is still shut-down. Don%q%t mistake! many of issues which are important for you, are not necessarily important for others. If anybody complains against a newspaper, it has to be tried before the presence of a Jury. It doesn’t bear such a meaning that anybody who owns newspaper, he is right, and anybody who doesn%q%t have newspaper, he is not right, and it doesn%q%t mean that whoever has media, can spoil the rights of others. Yes we are prepared to act based on the words we express and at present we are acting this way.
I would like to ask you whether anybody outside these two ruling Parties has reached the U.S presidency, you are more aware that I that the whole U.S. administration is in the hands of two groups. Are the Americans%q% tastes only summarized into two groups? Do you allow anybody outside these two groups to be a candidate for the presidential position? You never give him a chance to get elected. If there is even one case in your history, you may announce it. But in our country there is freedom, of course based on laws. In our election there were eight candidates from those who disagreed the system, and believed in a free economy, and hundred percent agreed with the system. Everyone participated the election. If you believe that the candidacy of one thousand people for presidential position is good, please let this thing happen in the U.S.A. This will be very great, and we will also learn from it. There is law ruling in our country. Please let%q%s not enter interior problems, because so many discussions will be brought up, meanwhile please correct your mentality towards the nation of Iran. if there is anybody thinking that with these words can affect our nation, he is mistaken. We have held the most liberal election. I am a teacher, I had words with the people and they elected. The people themselves formed civil self-motivated groups, and have spent from their own pockets for publicities. This is a pure and noble democracy. We must not close our eyes off this, because such a thing is impossibility in your country, I repeat it “it is impossibility in your country”. Then which country is more liberated? And which one is more democratic? We are ready to have a dialogue in an independent meeting; we are prepared to fulfill these words we are expressing.
Let the nation of Palestine itself decide. The right of the Palestinian nation mustn%q%t be spoilt. Bear in mind that who ever plants wind, will reap storm. We don%q%t want such to happen. We want the U.S. to be friend with nation of the district as well .we don%q%t want it to behave in a way that spites will increase. You can send a group to our district to assess the people%q%s opinions towards your administration. You can perceive the peoples%q% opinions towards your administration even in Egypt which is your governments friend, Also in Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Iraq, the Persian Gulf littoral states, Yemen, the Sudan%q%s also all other countries, I think, with this, many things will change.

Q: Mr. President, there is lots of other issues, to be introduced within the time; I apologize to some of my colleagues I want you to introduce some issues related to the nuclear programs.
Mr. President, among the conditions which you described, you said in the world, one of the most serious issues is about nuclear weapons which threatened a good part of the mankind, one of the dilemmas of the nuclear visions is that nuclear enrichment is essential both to creat nuclear fuels for power plants which brings help for various parts of the world and also identical process is able to produce nuclear weapons for the world, now your country and the U.S. and many other countries have argued about your nuclear program and you claimed that it is for peaceful purposes in other words the enrichment would be to provide nuclear power. The U.S. has argued no. We think you intend to produce nuclear weapons. I don%q%t know who, I don%q%t know what the truth is, but that is not the basic problem. The basic problem is that once you have the capability of enriching nuclear material, building a nuclear bomb is simple.
And there is no way to distinguish between enriching Uranium for peaceful purposes and for weapons purposes. So let%q%s suppose that the U.S. for example says, we believe you, we believe you have only peaceful intentions. It is my judgment that you still should not enrich Uranium because if you do, the reaction is likely to be in Egypt for example, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey and in a number of other countries around the world. They intend to do exactly the same thing. That would be a world, which would be much more dangerous for all of us and particularly for you because you would be in the worst position, in that case that if you agree to suspend and negotiate for security regime which with take care of your security. We do not have a perfect in the world, but I am sure if you are going down the path, its%q% much worse.

A: Thank you very much for having tried to offer a friendly recommendation, I have a question to ask you. Do you originally accept that other nations can use fuel – cycle or not? Does N.P.T. let other nations have it or not? Does it let or not?

Q: Yes it does allow it.

A: How? With the permission of America or within the framework of the IAEA’s regulations? If we accept one right, then we must let it get operational. If we are worried, we must then stop chemical and biological researches. Does any wise and sage person make such a decision? Will the right of a nation be stopped? Just due to this reason that maybe others ask for something. Don%q%t those people, producing new bombs fast, pose any danger for the world? Don%q%t other people have weapons in our region? They do have weapons, but the U.S. administration doesn%q%t feel worried, why? Are they really disagreed with weapons? You must know that the nuclear subject is a political one, not a legal one, because we work under IAEA. When we have oil, do we have a right to order the countries to stop oil-exploration? Can we stop the right of others?
We are a member of IAEA. We have also signed the N.P.T, and we are working within its framework. What problem is there that all of the members use their rights? Do you think if all nations use nuclear energy, they will make bombs? This is false. If a person recommends something, he must first proceed it himself. I believe if these four of five countries dismantle their bombs, they themselves are also relieved, and they won%q%t be suspicious to others. Our activities are absolutely peaceful. We are so much confident .Last year we offered a suggestion in the U.N, which allows everybody to participate in our activities, now I say the same. We are so much confident and opened the doors and took journalists and showed them our establishments. These establishments are at medical, agricultural and energy services. Why do you make them secret that will then get diverted? They can make their works transparent, U.S. and England make their works transparent as well, and they let authorities check their establishments. Last year I suggested that a disarmament committee would be formed, and the suggestion won votes, but they didn%q%t let it get operational. In fact those who have weapons, they must dismantle their weapons, and relieve the world. We are at the beginning of the enrichment, is it so worrying that they cause so much megaphone? While there are some people in our region that the U.S administration equipped them with nuclear weapons.
We believe that the nuclear bomb age has ended and anyone investing on it, has made a mistake. U.S. is also mistaken in this regard. Because it doesn%q%t have a chance to use and this is not effective. Other nations won%q%t give up before bombs, also nuclear bombs can%q%t protect a government. If it could, it would protect Soviet Union. Soviet%q%s nuclear lids overweighed the US’s, but it cracked down. Today nuclear weapons don%q%t bring superiority. But regarding the peaceful energy, it is the necessity of nowadays. You know the condition of oil. The oil reserves are near to end, but today%q%s demand is ever increasing, which needs pure energies. Which energy excels the nuclear energy? I think the system must be changed. All the members of IAEA must be able to have this energy, but the inspection teams should be strong to visit and prevent, they must also do the same thing for chemical and microbiological weapons, because they are also deadly. With deprivation on scientific technology is it possible to unravel the problem. We have to learn to use properly, and this is practical, I believe this is right and achievable.

Q: Thank you Mr. President, I may say so to take note this respect, the second part of your answer seems to me to be more to the point than the first part. In the first part you said that you have the right to enrich. but as a leader of a country, that%q%s in my personal judgment, is not a sufficient, answer. I mean, the question I asked you is why you insist on that problem given that it is causing you problems elsewhere in the world, about whether you have the right to do so, I ask you why you so want to do it. The answer you gave to that was that you want Iran to have nuclear power. I too am supportive of having nuclear power and believe this is part of your right to reach that powerin your government, but if you can have the nuclear power without enrichment – that%q%s a technical fact- so the question remains why given the problems the rest of the world proceeds with these particular activities in you country and given the fact you will have the nuclear power without doing. you are so intent upon exercising this right, we ask ourselves why? So that is to you very clear to use, but you are not clear with us of why you are insisting upon that.
Let me tell you. My answer to that Mr. President is that I don%q%t want any spread of the capacity for enrichment. I don%q%t think that%q%s good for any of us. It%q%s not because Iranians by nature are less trustworthy than other people around the world, it is not because those who historically enrich for example the French are more virtuous than the Iranian but it%q%s not good for any of us to have enrichment spread as nuclear power spread, so it%q%s not about you. It%q%s about a general public.

A: I would like to make some points clear for you. You said that the world is worried. It is not true. U.S. is not all the world, even if America and all the Europe are together; they don%q%t represent the whole world. Last week we had the N.A.M. conference, 118 countries supported Iran%q%s right. They are representing countries and are the world%q%s community. Then the worry is in the U.S .Of course in the U.S. administration and in 2 or 3 European states. Why are you worried? Don%q%t be worried. But what you said was that we don%q%t produce and we purchase from others, do you think it is a legal suggestion? A person who is able to produce something will be told not to produce the thing then he will receive it from others! Why? I am able to produce as I can produce wheat and rice. Can I tell you not to produce oil? I will sell it to you. Do they accept this from us? This is not a correct word that I don%q%t produce oil, and then I stand begging in front of others. Do you think it is right? Nations must be free to enjoy their legal rights. Let me talk to you about historical experiences. You know that in our plan there is a production of 20 thousand megawatts of power through nuclear fuel intended. So far we have had a few contracts from the west for the supply of fuel, which all of them were result less and cancelled, and the west violated their commitments. Nearly 50 years ago we had contract with America, which was unilaterally cancelled. We have had a contract with Germany for building a power plant, Germany unilaterally cancelled it. We had participation contract with France to produce fuel, and for many years France kept our reserves and didn%q%t meet its commitments. Canada was the same. How can we trust? We don%q%t have any confidence, because the contracts we have in front of us haven%q%t been met by them. Let%q%s talk about other things apart from the nuclear topic. Even the contracts related to the supply of Helicopters and Airliners spare parts haven%q%t been met. There are 25 years since the European countries didn%q%t sell us Airliners. Under which guarantee can we act? While we ourselves are able to produce and we are also regarding the laws, we are also under the supervision of the IAEA, and we have been most cooperative and obedient. In terms of religion, we are prohibited from moving to nuclear weapons, we represent a religious rule. Why mustn%q%t we have the fuel-cycle? The Boushehr power plant has a contract, do you know how long it has taken for it?
It took 30 years, and is hasn%q%t gotten completed yet! Because it is under political decisions. We can%q%t put our country%q%s fate under political decisions; we must improve our country, and have to produce. I suggest America to stop its fuel-production-cycle for 5 years, we are ready to supply the fuel after five years with a fifty percent discount, and we guarantee this word. We are a nation that has accomplished all our commitments so far. We don%q%t have even one unaccomplished commitment. And unlike western friend countries, we are a promise-keeper.

Q: Mr. President, there is one issue that hasn%q%t been raised here. This is a question of Iraq. We ask the Iranian policy for Iraq. When we read your statement on an issue, we find them somewhere confusing and somewhere consistent. For example, in you speech yesterday at the United Nations, you said that there is no indication at the same time you call the United States and occupiers in Iraq, when you say you are looking for a pretext step and I am trying to understand the relation between those two statements, and then you go on and criticize over and over for heightened security in Iraq but is that exactly what Iran is about? And then you also go on to say that Iraq%q%s central government should be strengthened, I want to ask you how is the consistency between. U.S. and policies that support the various relations between the Shiite Militias. I would appreciate your explaining Iranian policy in Iraq explaining these statements and at the end of it as you see there is an overlap between U.S. and Iranian interests in Iraq in a way to allow us to collaborate.

A: The American managers are confused in solving problems in Iraq. They don%q%t know what to do; because of this they accuse others. We don%q%t have forces in Iraq, America has more that 160 thousand military forces and bases in Iraq. We support security in Iraq, and we support Iraq. The Government of Iraq has been formed through the votes of people. Insecurity is harmful for everyone, it is harmful for us as well, we are Iraq%q%s neighbor, besides our people have a kind relation with the Iraqi people. We have been living with each other for thousands of years, and many of our peoples are family members. when anyone is hurt in Iraq, this has a reflection in Iran. Meanwhile insecurity in Iraq has caused some of our cities not to be secure. You are certainly aware of bombing in Ahwaz. Some people were killed. In some other cities we had insecurity as well. We support security in Iraq. When the Americans entered Iraq and toppled Saddam, so many people thought that the policy of the U.S. in supporting Saddam and its spite against the people of the region have changed, people tried to forget the memories of the 8 year war. But after the fall of Saddam, America announced that it wants to remain in Iraq. It is building strong bases and barracks. Are these for leaving? Anyone who wants to leave, he will soon transfer the power to the elected government, and won%q%t put the government and parliament under pressure. Two months ago, the Iraqi interior minister had an interview and announced that behind many of the terrorist attacks are American forces. It means the American forces kill the Iraqi people with rockets. This is not good. The nation of Iraq is a strong nation. The Iraqi people are not happy with the presence of Americans there. I think that Americans must get familiar with the conditions instead of accusing others. I honestly tell you that the American policies in the region bear disadvantages for the U.S. you don%q%t know the people. In many cases you enter the stage with the light of the British; the British have once known the people. But at present circumstances have changed, and the British are behind from the changes and don’t really know what%q%s going on. They avail false information, and your administration makes decisions based on that and the conditions are getting more complicated every day.
The day Saddam was ousted, everybody grew happy. They thought that U.S. had gotten right, but the following steps of the U.S. have changed this hope into disappointment. I tell you that your administration%q%s behavior in the region has made the public opinion very intense against you, which is ever increasing. We are interested to cooperate on any plan, which invigorates the government of Iraq and leads to the progress of Iraq.

Q: Mr. President, Iran the U.S have enjoyed a friendly relation for almost two hundred years.
There has been very little conflict and tension between U.S and Iran. I am wonder whether you believe, that it is possible to return to relation between these two countries. The president said yesterday that he understands and supported the desire of the Iranian people for having nuclear energy, the administration and all European countries have made an offer to sit down and talk to you about all standing issues, as long as it does not get to a process of enrichment, I understand you, I understand the matter of what you are speaking. Over the last two months it has gained a great deal of attention and publicities run out of international media. You are under the cover of time magazine, but you are sacrificing a great deal which seems for your countrymen. If Iran continues the course of confrontation, you will have less trade, less modernization, fewer resources, 40% of your people by your own government statistics live under poverty, this is one of the richest oil-producing countries of the world, the other matter, which is of greater cooperation with the U.S and with the world, will produce an enormous under of benefits for Iranian people; I am just wondering if you believe it is possible to go down the second path. Do you imagine for example to have relation with the U.S, would the administration open an embassy in Tehran. Would you allow?

A: Thank you for being merciful towards the nation of Iran, maybe you are more merciful and kinder than I. The principle in foreign policy is having relations. When our nation stood up for revolution and finally succeeded, Imam Khomeini explicitly announced that we are ready to have bilateral friendly relations with all countries except Israel, which doesn%q%t have legality. Even Imam disregarded the hostile steps of America during the period after the coup of the year 1332 (1953) , but the US statesmen haven%q%t appreciated Imam%q%s magnanimity and they have cut their relation for 27 years. of course we have also welcomed, but we did not cut the relation. They have also supported Saddam for eight years in the war against us. What have we done? We said that we want to be free, we don%q%t want dictator, and we want free election, and we want to live Islamic. 98.2% of our nation voted for Islamic Republic. unfortunately your statesmen didn%q%t respect it. Some of our people have been terrorized, and the terrorists have been supported in the U.S. congress. These are not good behaviors. Also at present, when U.S. fails anywhere, it accuses Iran. I believe they ought to think of their behavior. It is possible to have good relation, but the behavior must to some degree be corrected. We are not happy with this issue, but they never reformed. The persons, who destroyed, can correct and put it right.

Q: Thank you for the meeting today and if you have anything to say, please ask.

A: I thank you all. At the beginning of the meeting, you said that you were freelance, and I accepted, but almost all of the words you said, were from government’s stance, of course it doesn%q%t matter. I think above speaking, it is possible to hear, it is possible to hear from a far distance, to hear well in order to solve problems. Good luck.

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