Ratification of ‘Support for Freedom Law’ by US Nothing New

A00870801.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- An Iranian MP said that ratification of the law by the US for supporting freedom in Iran is nothing new.

Speaking to reporters on the sidelines of an open session of the parliament here on Wednesday, Rapporteur of the Parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Kazem Jalali said that his commission had attended a joint meeting with Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki and his deputies on Tuesday night, and added, “During the meeting, Mr. Mottaki announced that Iran will also initiate to trace cases of human rights violation in the European countries and other western states.”

“The Foreign Minister stressed that instead of being an accused, the Islamic Republic of Iran believes that it should be a claimer and it has warned some western countries in this regard several times so far,” the MP added.

Saying that Mottaki had also briefed the session about the recent nuclear developments of the country and Iran’s contacts and relations with the international bodies, he pointed out that participants had also discussed regional issues, specially Afghanistan, Iraq and the strategy and formation of foreign troops in the said countries during the meeting.

Asked about the ratification of the law by the US to support liberty and freedom in Iran, Jalali said that the measure is nothing new and is actually considered as an integration or collection of the previous law that Washington had approved against Iran.

Noting the nuclear talks, the representative of Shahroud at the Islamic Consultative Assembly said that the issue of sanctions is not on the agenda of the other party for now, “Rather, the two sides are just dealing with the issue of talks and settlement of the problem through negotiations, while we believe that the talks are dominated by a good atmosphere.”

In response to the recent statements by the deputy director of Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization (IAEO) for International Affairs Mohammad Sa’eedi about Tehran’s intentions for the formation of an Iran-EU consortium for the production of nuclear fuel (uranium enrichment), the lawmaker said that the Islamic Republic of Iran raised several proposals at the beginning of talks between the country’s chief nuclear negotiator Ali Larijani and EU Foreign Policy Chief Javier Solana, and that formation of a consortium by Iran and the western countries has been just one of such offers.

According to the MP, Iran has declared in the said talks that it would study suspension of uranium enrichment.

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