Certain world powers, particularly US, should revise policies – Ahmadinejad

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad had a meeting with the US Foreign Policy Council (USFPC) during his recent US visit to take part at the annual UN General Assembly, during which he proposed that “Certain world powers, particularly the United States, need to thoroughly revise their policies.”
The IRI President published the full text of his remarks at the Q-A session there in his recently launched weblog “to inform the public opinion of its contents” on Monday.

The USFPC, an NGO, comprised of senior veteran US politicians, is said to have a strong influence on US elites, politicians, and political activists.

IRNA English Desk hereby covers excerpts of President
Ahmadinejad’s remarks in that meeting.

Having answered some USFPC members’ questions on Iran and Iran-US frozen relations, Ahmadinejad complained, “Before attending this session I expected to be asked key questions at expert level here, but I notice the level of questions is the same as those posed at journalists’ conferences, and the questions are the often repeated ones.”
The President added, “I one more time realized here that the main reason behind the repeated US defeats at political and international scenes is their lack of sufficient knowledge about the prevailing realities of the world, and the segregation of the US policy makers in the fence of the self-style, phony propagation that are too politicized.”
He pointed out that the most important point about the USFPC for him was its claim to be independent, and yet expressed surprise that the stands of its members were so close to those of the US acting politicians.

President Ahmadinejad expressed concern over the prevailing conditions at the international scene, arguing, “You can rarely, if ever find someone to be optimistic about the ongoing process of the international developments, in which the gaps keep on further deepening and the tensions and enmities keep getting more
Focusing on international developments of the day, he said, “Our most important concerns today are the prevailing conditions in Palestine, Iraq, and even Afghanistan, that are quite disappointing, and the problems in Africa and South America, too, are not quite resolved yet.”
He criticized the “interference of world powers in other nations’ internal affairs” and in many sensitive regions of the world, that he said, “unfortunately keep broadening, and aggravating day after day.” Ahmadinejad said, “The behavior of some powers that play decisive roles in these developments is even against their own interests, and have signs of dizziness and confusion.”
He set example of the US administration’s behavior in the Middle East, that has signs of their ignorance about the psychology of the regional nations, that leads to further aggravating the dimensions of regional tensions, in such places as Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Lebanon.

He said, “The US government not only inflicts losses against the other nations, but inflicts heaviest losses against the US interests in the world and the interests of the Americans.”
Ahmadinejad added, “Due to the US policies in the Middle East, America is an isolated regime in the hearts and minds of the regional nations, and over one billion human beings hate it more with the passage of each new day.”

President Ahmadinejad was asked, “You were insisting at the UN yesterday that the occupiers must leave Iraq, what have you done to ensure Iraq’s internal security? It is said that Iran is among the contributors to insecure conditions in Iraq.

Are you ready to cooperate with US restoration of security in Iraq? Ahmadinejad said, “Insecure conditions in Iraq is bad for every one, particularly for the Iranians. We have lived with the Iraqis side by side of one another for over one thousand years. Save for the eight years of the Iraqi-imposed war our relations have always been excellent.”
“Many Iranians have married Iraqi spouses and vice versa, and when we hear that scores of Iraqis get killed every day it truly breaks our hearts.”
He said that the regional nations, particularly the Iranians were pleased with the toppling of Saddam by US-led forces, and some people had even assumed that the US administration had changed its policies from pro-Saddam to anti-dictatorship.

Ahmadinejad said, “All the same, the Americans later on began killing the Iraqis and torturing them in post-Saddam era and announced they are in Iraq to stay, not to leave.

“They are building large barracks and as the Iraqi government recently announced, there is sufficient proof that the US forces have direct interference in massacring the Iraqi nation.

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