Sniper Attempting To Assassinate Chavez Captured In Venezuela

5847_1.jpgThe international forecaster editor Bob Chapman writes: This past Saturday in Venezuela, it was announced that a sniper with a long-range rifle and a motorcycle to escape was captured … his target was President Hugo Chavez Frias.

The shooting was to occur as he exited a helicopter on a recent trip in June to western Venezuela in the region of Zulia, where his main rival for election, Governor Manuel Rosales, holds forth.

Venezuela says it will cut oil production 50,000 barrels a day to try to stem the recent fall in oil prices.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez Frias says he received warnings from within the White House that the Bush administration is plotting to assassinate him or topple his duly-elected government.

Chavez says Bush wants him killed before he leaves office…

Mr. Chavez says there was a recent attempt to assassinate him and said those responsible had since fled to Colombia. Mr. Chavez runs for president again on 12/3 and intends to rule for 14 more years.

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